I live in the Tower of Flints, I am the Death-Owl


You know of that talented gentleman George Quartz, well he’s got together with Personal Victories to deliver a cracking piece of tribal sturm and drang the likes of which we hadn’t heard since Excepter turned the stompbox on, acid concoction of industrial ghost dance poison injected into our hearts with a rusty seven inch long syringe straight off Herman Von Klempf leather pouch of kinky surgical devices.

Picture Indian Jewellery covering World Domination Enterprise’s Jah Jah Dub using Event Horizon’s Experimental Gravity Drive as a stage from which to project the blood red eclipse live and direct, bats wielding sharp knives in their curved claws fly from every bell fry. They are out to get you, fight back.

Personal Victories with George Quartz- Human Metal


Nude Beach deliver Satanic Power Balladry of the first order, an unholy melange straight off the witches cauldron above which the most intoxicating fumes dance their ghostly dance. Beautifully doomed shoegaze ball of shadows which advances at the slow motion speed of, say, Salem, epic guitar wailing which is the soundtrack for the collapse of the rotten core of nightmare city, shockwave halo expanding to engulf us with tendrils of inky smoke for a short and intense session of spiritual tentacle rape.

Who says romance is dead?

Nude Beach- Nude Beach

This is included in the forthcoming Slut Club cassette in Bathetic.


Pink Priest continue operating in the sort of strange space from which the sounds we find irresistible usually emanate. They have a trove of releases in cool labels all over- LA Station Radar, which you already know about from last week’s post, Mirror Universe and Digitalis. Endless Luv, which you have the pleasure to enjoy today, is included in a tape/CD-R that Family Time are putting out.

How cool, it sounds like an all too brief grainy excerpt from esoteric footage of Chris and Cosey getting down over a forsaken Chromatics loop, all blur and echo like a noir flashback from those spectral Eighties that someone should bring back for good.

Pink Priest- Endless Luv


And if until now we have been malevolently circling our victim in the midst of the dark, swapping the silver dagger of vicious edge from one black leather gloved hand to the other, here is where the ghastly finale unfolds, red spray outcome of the most artistic manoeuvres and twists of the wrist. It is Spectral Empire again, this time remixing the always excellent The Detachments in an ominous bruiser to end them all. It will be included in their forthcoming single ‘Circles’, to be released by constant purveyors of nocturnal goodness This is Not an Exit.

This is the permanent droneĀ  inside the head of the hooded dude with blood-shot eyes and yellow spiky teeth standing by the primeval altar as the unholiest of masses begins. This is the darken symphony to which the barn owl raises it wing like a totem of death. This is the macabre melody that soundtracks our escapades through the back alleys at night. Watch your back, we are coming to for you.

The Detachments- Circles (Spectral Empire Remix)

Here is the video for the original, enjoy!!