Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Neon Field

sport hit paradise - album cover

Another smooth breath of class from that imagined Paris where champions of good taste such as Joakim, Cosmo Vitelli or Dirty Sound System keep it happening. It is the latest crew who are behind the project we are telling you about today.

Sport Hit Paradise is the imaginary soundtrack for an exhibition opening on the 11th of December by NYC-based illustrator Elisabeth Arkhipoff. One of the participants in this project is our favourite synthetic messiah Gavin Russom, who in ‘Le Livre Rose’ delivers a lovely piece of pastel tinged new/old romanticism which sounds like Kraftwerk cruising Parisien boulevards instead of the eternal Autobahn. And falling hopelessly in love, one calculation too many makes circuits bend into a warm acidic bassline which is the mildly paranoid side effect of a summer romance.

It reminds us of oh so many hidden hits of the French new wave- we couldn’t ask for more.

Sports Hit Paradise- Le Livre Rose (feat. Gavin Russom)

More info on the exhibition:


12Mail Paris from 11/12/09 to 12/02/10

Opening friday 11/12/09 from 6pm to 9pm

12 rue du Mail, 75002 Paris, France



I Am the Cosmos blinded us with amaze with ‘the Final Form’, the tune we used to kick off this year. Now, as 2009 winds down to its end, we are once again enthralled by another perfect piece of 80s mood music, ‘Remembering You’. It couldn’t have been called any other way- because we remember you, your big blue eyes blinking with emotion, an immensity where shards of the moon reflected on the sea came to rest, standing in silence in the perfectly engineered¬† balcony of our minimalistic apartment over the Gulf of Mexico. We remember you, slow dancing in a space of perfect white, there was no need to words, we never talked, but we were thinking the same, we remember.

Seriously, we fell in love and had our hearts broken at least three times while this song was playing, it’s that beautiful, like a John Hughes film shot by Michael Mann.¬† The image had to be from Tommy Boy’s vault, of course.

I am the Cosmos- Remembering You