Emanating from glowing cracks that mysteriously formed in the walls of our bedroom, comes a distant sound transmitted from a place we never see, but that we occassionally glimpse with our mind’s eyes when we find ourselves looking deep into the dark spaces between one anothers bodies, where ghosts have been known to find their heaven; one of many alternate universes that exist in parallel to our own. That sound is the sound of Pop in the hidden dimension, recognisable, yet skewed, a sonic chimera. In this place Telepathe and their tear stained 3-6 devotionals are revered by dream teens across the land as sacred incantations, and where Salem’s coral coloured cave crunk has been absorbed into the atmosphere, as identifiable and unavoidable as the sound of wind. Light Asylum exist with them in this wonderful place, channeling the theatrics of the eighties into something tribal and unhinged, stripped of its smudged glamour in favour of a feral twitch, led by a voice that sounds like God storming above the hills to judge us all. Most days I wish I could slip through those cracks, but they only disappear the closer I get to them.

Light Asylum – Shallow Tears

As an added bonus we have for your listening pleasure Fatima Al Qadiri’s remix of Shallow Tears wherein the industrial echo of the original has been replaced by prickly, ersatz chamber-pop minimalism and sinister synth cascades, and where we find “that” voice bellowing throughout a blinding white opulent ballroom built upon the remains of something ancient and evil, where fair beauties dance barefoot in a trance across marble floors strewn with broken crystal shards, for the entertainment of unseen forces that want to see the place painted red.

Light Asylum – Shallow Tears (Fatima Al Qadiri remix)


Following on from the release of “All Aboard Future” a rather awesome collection of mechanized skronk jams that materialised earlier this year, These Are Powers will be releasing a brand new 12 inch on the always special RVNG label at the beginning of next year, which aside from featuring original material will also feature a remix from one of our all time forever friends that will undoubtedly have us howling upon hearing it. The call to arms, Hot 97 by way of Paper Rad pop of “Candyman” is taken from this upcoming release and frankly it makes you wanna crawl on your hands and knees downstairs to the basement your parents always told you to stay out of, foaming at the mouth, beckoned by the ominous plastic-regal squall and the gun funk bass drops that ride atop a queasily undulating Bangalter-Irreversible low machine growl as that strange voice belts out one of the best choruses these damaged ears have heard in aeons. Keep them eyes peeled.

These Are Powers – Candyman


If we’d taken the opportunity to hark on about this video from Azari & III around Halloween time it would have been perfect, but alas something gnawed our fingers off… Nonetheless we feel the need to draw your attention to it now, because it’s probably one of the finest videos anyone could have hoped to see this year, re-imagining the jackhammering narrative to American Psycho as a Paris is Burning inspired gorefest, where shade is deadly and men in sharp suits always get their comeuppance. If that sounds more than a little insane, just watch.


Brighton, Saturday:

Go to this first. Dance like a maniac to Foot Village. Then get in here for cheap.