17th November 2009

Rendezvous with Rad


I stumbled across Nowa Huta in the myspace with a big WOAH. I dropped them a line and said, send me your sounds when you have ‘em. Now we have ‘em. Are you ready?

Nowa Huta- Antlers

Which is but a brutal compression of space and sound, rain of impossible flowers  over a sci-fi landscape made of blocks of basic colours purloined from Brian Eno’s collection of utopian hallucinations. Dissonance, echo and spin  stroked, polished and arranged to build a platform on the placid ocean from which to behold the primeval Californian coasts from which Brian Wilson would one day, millions of year after, stare back. If Arthur C. Clarke had listened to Black Dice, he would have written the lyrics for this.


New LA label How to Fight Records are onto something. This is the first edition of our “Animal Battles Series”,  where they get a band to pick out two animals they want to battle on the cover art.  The B-side is the same band as the A-side, but it’s something they normally wouldn’t record and under a pseudonym. So here we have ghostly exalted dronegaze outfit Voices Voices under the guise of Gold Ether delivering a macabre piece of ghoul funk which sounds a bit like Telepathe if they were remixed by Gatekeeper. You can imagine how hot inside that makes us feel.

Next release on the series will be Foot Village. We are excited.

Gold Ether- In Armies


Another ace tape from Discos Compulsivos/Luv Luv, this time by French deranged choir kids No Snow. They sound like Liars running down the cyclopean caves where that kid in the Orphanage got lost, banging on the walls of damp rock with sticks and stones, their yelping, ululating and shrieking are but a cryptic message to summon a school of psychedelic dolphins that will take them to the secret place below the waves. If you wonder why the fuck are they doing this, then you are missing the point.

No Snow- Track 4


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  1. :) nice!

    Yours sincerely


    17th November 2009

  2. thanks for all the music. just a heads up, link for no snow seems broken.

    Yours sincerely


    17th November 2009

  3. nowa huta is one of the few places on earth being settled by humans since neolithic times…it says a lot about their music…explored by masses,mastered by a few…great choice guys!!!

    Yours sincerely

    Cosmonaut C

    17th November 2009

  4. Another Wow! goes to Gold Ether for brewing tasty remedies for astral traveling…
    thnx XXJFG, keep it up high and never ever let it down

    Yours sincerely

    la bambassadeur

    25th November 2009

  5. Thanks for the music, links..
    Very nice blog!

    Yours sincerely

    Beat Maker

    29th November 2009

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