The Last Hunter


Knights of Vipco struts through its martial streets, the red dawn poking through unforgiving edifices.  Unpeturbed by the increasing use of dutch angles to track it’s progress and oblivious to the Bernard Herman Noir-horms that encircle it like sirens…it rounds a corner and runs straight into the pulsating Old God of euphoric 8-bit title music.  At which point 20JFG falls head over heels in love.

Bronnt Industries Kapital – Knights of Vipco

Bronnt Industries Kapital is Guy Bartell’s  post-millennial outlet for much wonderful music.  Not least a bespoke score for the proto-exploitation silent Haxan.  He’s also got a remix on the same ΤΗΞ LΔΖΣ 12″ as the previously posted Steve Moore.  This track is from his latest album Hard For Justice which you can buy here.


Factory Floor seem to have been on an endless mutation for the last few years, now settled on the rigid form of a three piece, they still exist in the same world of battered This Heat reissues and reverb made of concrete and rust.  Only now, with the addition of Suicide covering Nik Void they’ve been infused with the totemic heart of Neubaten and the feet of Berghain‘s throbbing hordes.

Anyone who was lucky to see them confound and beguile during their summer outing with The Horrors, or catch their Offset show, will have some sense of just how gloriously brutal this all is live.  Not for them some imperfect attempt to wrench techno into a bastard live form.  These are rhythmic hymns in the church of pagan machine gods.  Vicious, cold, beautiful.

If you’re wondering when to start praying: it’s at 1:47.

Factory Floor – Lying


Bonus video of the day is for Cold Pumas’ Jela.  The first release on Hungry For Power, the label some of 20JFG run (we may have mentioned this).  Keeping it in the family, one of your 20JFGers directed/shot/edited this too.

Cold Pumas – Jela from Dan Nixon on Vimeo.


Friday bonus event!  One or more of your 20JFG may well be glimpsed in the darkness at the ever excellent Cocadisco this Saturday.  But don’t let put you off.

cocadiscoNov28 copy