Throwing Crystal Shapes

Featuring : Lindstrom + Munch Munch

Inside the crystal dome of the snowglobe that the Gods shake with childish abandon rises a pyramid of Jodorowsky tarot cards, at whose top you will find your animated 20jazzfunkgreats miniatures dancing in the midst of the blizzard, Christmas is coming and we shall enjoy it in our own special ways. Let the pagan celebrations begin.


Munch Munch rule hard. We have been going on about them for years now, and are happy to announce that they will finally be releasing an album soon, huzzah! There is also a 7” coming out in Fear and Records, and Cyclorama is included in it.

And what is Cyclorama?

Perhaps the last 20JFG pop hit of the year,  an exhilarating sleigh ride down pixelated hills- think 3D Mario Kart if Shigeru Miyamoto was into the United States of America, a odyssey of progressive verticality dodging glittering pines and befuddled badgers, unexpected drop down a cliff, inertia propels us into the pure air for a moment of perfect quiet when we stare at the vast vistas of the psychedelic snow country these guys have lovingly drawn for us, but gravity rules here too, or so she thinks that uppity bitch, because as we start precipitating into the vertigo vortex, a slender unicorn picks us up and sends us soaring into the sky to the sounds of a perfect melody, pastoral scene of absolute euphoria decorating a t-shirt we wear under our skin and shines into our eyes.

Munch Munch- Cyclorama

And check out the video here.



I stumbled upon Silver Pines across the lands of the Interwebs, and the freezing wind of their beautiful stomp made my eyes melt and my throat ululate in that shriek which is the animal spirits of the 20Jazzfunkgreats way of communicating to the world just how cool things can get some times

You know how Little Claw represent mother nature at their Khali the merciless gnarliest, a pack of hungry wolves chasing a deer across forsaken landscapes, sacrifices in the altar of life which get paid in blood? Well, Timefather is the other side of the coin, limpid winter sun rays shining upon a litter of cubs as the awake in their bed of branches and bones, exploding into a million glimmers upon the drops of dew that pelt their fur, powerful music written in the tracks criss crossing the snowed-upon skin of the Earth. Very powerful stuff.

Silver Pines- Timefather

Timefather is included in the Forces EP, which you can get from Light Lodge. Here you have the video for Invitation to Surf, included in a soon to be released 7, also on Light Lodge. *this is brilliant*



And how is this for a bonus? Lindstrom has produced a 40 minutes long version of Little Drummer Boy for Rough Trade, which you can get here. Rough Trade have kindly sent us a shorter edit of this, and it is totally amaze. It sounds as if Wendy Carlos had produced the soundtrack for the psychedelic toys that haunt Tetsuo in Akira to begin their ominous procession to a crystal manger where a laser-eyed baby jesus await for their tribute, levitating over his cradle. God wouldn’t have it any other way.

Lindstrom- Little Drummer Boy (Edit)