Close Encounters of the Infinite Kind


It seems to be the week of psychedelic awakenings at 20JFG’s White Castle, what better way of getting the ball rolling than by the gold and ruby beringed hand of Prince Rama of Ayodhya, one of our most favourite bands and last victims of the iniquities of the world, i.e., they had their totemic instruments of spiritual lore stolen by some fools, here’s hoping that these devices are recovered, and that the culprits suffer all manners of karmic retributions, i.e. a thousand reincarnations as wingless insects in a garden full of hungry birds. Check the report here and see if you have any ideas about how to help.

At the very least, do purchase Architecture of Utopia, where the jam we are posting today, ‘Land of the Apocalypse Transcended’ is included. It will be released soon by Animal Image Research. Get ready.

Because if the visitors were to arrive to our planet, coming not from a faraway corner of the universe, but from deep inside us, powerful archetypical distillations from a genetic memory which is both biology and magick, this would be the soundtrack to which their palace of glimmering light and frightful darkness, their palace where every window is an unblinking soul-searing eye of understanding yet forgiveness would rise in the apex of the holy mountain, that drone you hear are the hinges of its massive portal swinging open, inviting us in so we may know. It’s end is only the beginning.

Prince Rama of Ayodhya- The Land of the Apocalypse Transcended


Many Mansions‘ Oneness is a condensed story of the evolution of life in this planet, it kicks on with the simmering of molecular bonds in the primeval soup of the Atlantic sea near the coasts of what we would eventually call Africa, things go out of focus for a moment, it might have been a fraction of a second, it might have been a million years, next time you look, slender creatures of strange shapes are dancing their manatee dance in the crystalline waters, slowly approaching and crawling into land, respiratory systems stretching and becoming more complex, scales and claws and then fur and fingers and opposable thumbs one after the other like life trying on different outfits, expanding forward and sideways, and next thing you know you have a hominid with a spear standing on the top of a mound staring at a Sun that surely was  bigger and redder in the olden days, a moment of reminiscence and wonder and delight at the capacity to revel in the beauty of it all, thinking, yes, thinking, ‘now that was a trip’.

Many Mansions- Oneness

Many Mansions rule- he makes us jump like Steve Reich doing the tropical boogie. Get his album, Return to Source from The Whitehaus Family Record.