For all you seekers out there

A New Year begins, a New Year where 20jazzfunkgreats will continue treading the echoey halls deep in the heart of the rocky mountain where a wealth of holy grails rest, of all sizes and materials, overflowing with pristine water, scented wine and translucent liquids over which glittering fairies hover with an emerald twinkle in their eye, every grail a gate and every sip a step into a path that burrows deep into the darkness, which is but a heartbeat of silence before new worlds appear in front of our eyes.

In spite of our curmudgeonly demeanour, we live in hope and anticipation, privileged to tell you about these things, just in case you didn’t know about them, and also listening, because you know so many things we don’t. At the end of the day this spot is but a rendezvous point for a covenant of kindred spirits-you and us- devising a hit parade and a hybrid vision for a fantastic underworld where magic is an everyday occurrence, where garages and cellars and rickety arrangements of technology activated by adventurous spirits act as hub and broadcasting spot for good, twisted and caring vibes.

Let the transmissions begin for a 2010 which we hope will be at least as exciting as the year past, step into the zone, and kick off the jams in a suitably epic manner, just to set the tone of the days to come.

It’s on.

First arrive Florene, from that hallucinated place criss crossed by demonic tornadoes and lit by purple sunsets which is Texas, portals into dimensions of uncanny power seem to be opening all over the state, kids with the right attitude sip into the inflowing manna and speak in tongues, we listen joyous.

Deal With It is to be included in Florene’s 2010 debut, tentatively titled ‘Homemade Ecstasy‘, which is as good a name as anyone could have thought of when considering the quality of the goods herein contained: A psy-trance tsunami sweeps the desert making acid flowers bloom, gamma ray glyphs glimmer in the sky over which invisible spiders spin a web of lightning, this is motorik music for a place with no roads. If Vitalic had recorded La Rock 01 after a peyote awakening it would have sounded a little bit like this. Some jam.

Florene- Deal With It

I can’t get out of my head the piano refrain sitting in the vanishing point  where all the sounds of Miracles Club’s ‘A New Love’ converge precise like the carefully arranged liquid lines of power in the Japanese print of an ancient seascape. It has put a spell on me me since I first stumbled upon this glorious piece of Elysian disco a few weeks back, because it embodies all that’s uplifting and wonderful  about dance music, a mysterious smile delivered by synthetic means and an accent on every step I take.

It is only rarely that one finds a lullaby able to make everyone in the room throw their hands in the air- think Naive Melody by Talking Heads. This is one such occasion, and a reason to celebrate. Miracles Club are surely touched by the golden fingers of Balihu. Good things to come, good things to come.

Miracles Club- A New Love

Miracles Club will be releasing a 12” and an album a bit later on in this year, we shall keep you posted.

Have a happy new year!