Shrill House

Dance music was never supposed to be classy. Nevermind Italo.


MVSCLZ’ music sounds as if, knowing everything he knows now, Michael Mann travelled in his Testarossa space machine back to 80s Miami, shacked up in a minimalistic condominium, left keys, wallet and pocket change configured in an esoteric arrangement over a mantelpiece of blinding white, took off his Calvin Klein socks and placed them inside the white loafers, removed the plastic covers of a Le Corbusier sofa, sat on it and then methodically proceeded to shoot a large dose of mass pharma conglomerate quality liquid LSD into his eyeball. And then, just as he was coming up, he went clubbing to the craziest club in town.

Yarr. Which is a bit like the equivalent of The Call of Cthulhu but with all those impossible angles covered in pink neon, and crazy gay men dancing on top of the cyclopean structures. Pure monster madness delirium, everything happens all at once across at least 7 alternative yet intersecting space time planes of crass unhinged gloriously pumped up italo frenzy.

We wish Michael had a 4-seater.

MVSCLZ- All Big Men Come Out in the Summertime


Leno Lovecraft’s Pogon is the apex of Bobby Orlando’s most socially responsible nightmare, what have I done, he asks himself twitching in bed, I have unleashed a thousand sleazy machinesounds upon the world so that decades from now, crazy kids from New Zealand can use cheaply available technologies to produce binary monsters which are the switchblade touting teenage punk pinhead to stoned cosmic disco grandpa. Egad, it is no classy affair this one, nope, it is as far away as you could get from the illuminated attitudes of all our beloved disco nerds out there, no, this is a dark, brutal and shrill affair organised around a couple of muscular synth riffs with so much treble you fear they are going to fracture into shards of crystal precipitating with lethal precision through your eye, cerebelum, vertebrae and into the floor like this was the beginning of Suspiria, only sweatier.

Which might well be truer to the spirit of the whole affair than other, more measured and thoughtful approaches.

Leno Lovecraft- Pogon

Pogon is included in ‘Alien Sex Juice’, which will be coming out on the 15th of December, just on time for your debauched Christmas party you lucky bastards.