Wrath of God

Featuring : Mi Ami + Tense


//TENSE// travel to us via the ethereal medium of TommyBoy.  Hailing from what we can only surmise is an alternative concrete Texas permanently shrouded in a damp leather-black haze where all heat is absorbed by the giant solar panels used to drive the multitudes of synthesisers and drum machines slaving away underneath their blue silicone sky.  So a bit like Highlander 2.

Mine Too eases in with with its EBM pad sounds worn proudly around its muscled torso.  Giant fucking neon sword hanging by its side.  Which it promptly drops down into the gaps between stairwells ’cause this is music for strutting not stabbing.  The sense of all of EBM history contained in one track is almost overwhelming.  The waves of simple synths and surging levels of drum machines leave you giddy, vaguely disorientated and lost within the repetition.  A lyrical focus on the sort of financial concerns of the last great surge in individualism (which coincided with the last great surge in EBM) can’t help but to leave you lost with the loops.  But remember kids, correlation doesn’t necessarily imply causation…

//TENSE// – Mine Too


Mi Ami sneak their first first Thrill Jockey release into 2009 with their new 12″ (new album in 2010).  Thanks to the vagaries of digital sorting their dubed out B-side hit first.  Leaving the equally excellent ‘Cut Men’ to stand around waiting for its mist shrouded brother to depart the room.

But ‘Out at Night’ can not leave.  Lingering, winding its synthetic sinews around the speakers and flexing, gently, driving the noise under waves of briefly heard guitar lines from some Balearic epic; the last chimes of disco captured in ash like a distant party near Vesuvius; an eerie voice calling out from the other side (of the record) trapped in its own reverb prison.

Aguirre stalks through these grooves sending out darting stares of madness as the track mutates around him, quietening, then making way for crunched handclaps.  Torturing the poor conquistador as his navigation of ancient rivers is sound-tracked by an amorphous beast hiding in the overgrown river bank.

Thrill Jockey have asked us to take this MP3 down but the two tracks are available to stream here (click the titles in the right hand column).

Limited to 750 copies worldwide you can get it from Thrill Jockey’s site here.