Days and nights of a ghastly white

Nite Jewel floats in a sorcerous space of her own making, witch master of an ice palace resting under the white hand of a terrible albino giant. Every hall glitters with the glamour of a thousand diamonds, sparkles in the eyes of dead kings that willed this to her.

The Kamera Song, a cover version of the Inner Space (you know, who would then move on to become Can), is included in the latest Albert Basement’s Compilation. Imagine the two¬† peasants of the second story in Kwaidan, lost in the midst of a furious blizzard. Imagine them arriving to an abandoned hut where they seek protection from the biting snow, imagine a ghostly figure sliding inside the hut as they sleep, not to suck their life-force with a cruel spell, but to warm them up with a pretty lullaby. This is it.

Nite Jewel- The Kamera Song

FUR’s tunnel is a 2-step skank for haunted ballrooms, sounds exiled into the Siberian tundra, where they transform into shards of frozen gold shot through the barrel of a rifle welded by the invisible armies of winter, right in your face. Stare out of your window into the murky monster which is the grey sky pulsating, try to elicit its hidden designs, realise this music is the soundtrack¬† of the furious angels that live in it belly, partying hard.


FUR’s album, Witches, is a thing of cold and enigmatic beauty which will be released in Waaga Records on the 23rd of February- you can check out another song from it, Black Castles, in a Pitchfork Forkcast.