Drums of Life

Let us kick this off with a disclaimer- we know very little about the 1970s culture where Bellemou & Benfisa’s ‘Li Maandouche L’Auto’ was produced, except that not owning a car seems to have been an issue.

One member of the 20jazzfunkgreats family handed this to us, and we listened and went wow. We know that this sort of thing would eventually give rise to Rai, that is, Algerian pop music which in its heady mixture of Eastern and Western influences sounds to us bizarre and wonderful. But we are no experts on Rai either. Having watched the Battle of Algiers and read some Burroughs here and there, we could do some psyche talk set in Northern Africa, Djinns and mysterious bazaars and desert hallucinations… but we can’t do the real walk, so in order to avoid the risk of falling on clichés we will say very little- if you want some info, you can find it here.

But we will say something. The drums in the song below sound like Can on speed, and the horns make us want to cry, this song feels right at home in this page.

Bellemou & Benfisa- Li Maandouche L’Auto

It had to be Sublime Frequencies.

The absolutely cool thing is that you could perfectly mix Blissed Out’s Jain into the tune above and it would go down a storm in sort of club where our sort of people rendezvous. Ok, now how’s that for warp driving, 1970s Algerian beatnik jams transition towards NYC freeform percussive poltergeists.

Jain is surely something, wasted echoes of the field recordings of that forbidden episode when, on her 8th day of wonder, Valerie stumbled upon a gang of drum bashing feral children, think Blood on Satan’s Claw but with a wise bear spirit at the head of the coven. The vibe here is not one of doom but of organic growth- Human sacrifices are nevertheless a must.

Blissed Out- Jain