Fountains of rad

This post goes to the memory of Jay Reatard, his time was too soon and we are sad we will be missing many heartfelt fucked up party jams in the future. Blood Visions For Ever

Upset the Rhythm prevail a bastion of goodness in the midst of the turbulent winds agitating the modern music industry. They have stuck to their guns, releasing one unforgettable gem after the other, in coloured vinyl too. Their success is a testament to what one can achieve with taste, principles, attitude, love and niceness, and sets an example of the way forward for record labels all over. Here you have glimpses of their latest exercises in awesomeness, as well as an excelent mixtape that Chris has kindly put together for us. Enjoy!

We knew from day one that Gentle Friendly were destined for greatness. Behold Lover’s Rock, included in Ride Slow, a majestic torch song cutting through the confusion of a Sunday morning with ice in the streets and no coffee in the kitchen. They stomp forward with the gusto of motown spectres, while their heavenly melodies make us think of Spiritualised before Jason Pierce floated away in his howling castle. They share with Arthur Russell that subtle and intimate psychedelic spirit which seeks to animate rather than annihilate reality. Which is what we need right now.

Gentle Friendly- Lovers Rock

Former Ghosts is the super-group that brings together Jamie Stewart from Xiu Xiu, Nika Roza of Zola Jesus and Freddy Rupert from This Song Is A Mess But So Am I. The Bull and the Ram, featured in ‘Fleur’, are sparkles of the bonfire where cold wave consumes in slow and painful motion. From its ashes surges into the night sky a beautiful phoenix, like that dove soaring across industrial towers with Batty’s death at the end of Bladerunner.

Think of Einsturzende Neubauten’s mechanical insects burrowing across the honey-laden corridors of Vangelis’ synthetic hive, and you will be thinking of the glorious edifice that Former Ghosts have built.

Former Ghosts- The Bull and the Ram

Upset the Rhythm Mixtape


1. PLUG – Fresh Pleasures

2. BIRD NAMES – Natural Weeds

3. HARTLEY C WHITE – Welcome Back To Reality

4. KIT – Cure Light Wounds

5. US GIRLS – Red Ford Radio

6. COLD PUMAS – Peaches

7. TORO Y MOI – Fax Shadow

8. FORMER GHOSTS – Aria Of The Bell

9. NO BABIES – Tanuki (Mix 1)

10. TRASH KIT – Sun Spots

11. THE STICKS – One And The Same

12. SANDCRABS – Mumble B. Peg

13. BRILLIANT CITIES – English Cities

14. DARK MEAT – Yonderin’


16. GIRLS WITH ATTITUDE – Don’t Judge Me

17. WILD NOTHING – Live In Dreams

18. LESLIE FLINT – Possessed by Oscar Wilde (Recorded in London 02.05.1957)