Positive Panopticon


Your body crosses a scanner that reproduces it as a multi-dimensional cloud of data soaring in the noosphere. This is the new you. A vector of n examples with m features correlated in complex patterns.  There are many other datasets like you here, impressions of reality that generate their own reality, abstract manta rays swirling in a mathematical ocean which is all colours and none.

You mingle with them, becoming their predictor or their outcome, or simply spiralling down their complex structures like a winged visitor at one of the wonders of the mind that some of them doubtlessly are;


The constellation of data generated by the 600 million collisions that take place every second within the Large Hadron Collider at CERN – a 15 petabyte poem within which all of the twisted truths of reality lay hidden, a memory palace decorated with artefacts representing all the Gods’ mementoes and plans, a collection of love letters between subatomic particles that bonded and kissed in the darkness, if only for a picosecond. Imagine them in the club, holding the conceptual equivalent for their hands together, just before the drop.

David Kanaga – Jupiter.


The 12.47 billion Google searches taking place every month: acts through which a confederacy of users learn about the world and about each other, but also expressions of desire, hope, fear, conflict and complexity, a Rorschach blot of humanity’s collective psyche. Also critically, the ambient babbling through which a language is taught, the constant stimuli driving the growth of the globalised cortex of a baby AI that will soon flex its robotic muscles.

Oneohtrix Point Never – Americans


The 200 terabytes of data generated by ESA’s Gaia telescope as it renders a 3D map of a billion astronomical objects i.e. 1% of the population of our very awesome galaxy – within this information set, an outline for the evolution of the society of planets, including clues about the murder mystery which is the Fermi Paradox, or a peek through the wormhole which was the escape hatch for our absentee neighbours.

Hieroglyphic Being – Untitled


The security log detailing the process through which unseen forces infiltrate a super-secure corporate system with purposes as yet unclear. At one level, this is a police procedural where each of the tricks used to obfuscate a path, divine a password, scramble a file-system contains the scenario of a Michael Mann calibre-heist. At another level, this is (info) sex. Seduction, surrender, intrusion, corruption, joy. Like the ecstasy of the mystics, like what Patrick Cowley’s perfect futurism does to its followers.

Having visited all of these places and more, you need to decide whether you want to progress into the asymptote. Go here.

Or re-integrate with the meat as it enters a shadowy house. Go here.

2013 References

The image is from Ryoji Ikeda’s Datamatics, which we very much enjoyed at the Brighton Dome.
David Kanaga’s soundtrack for Dyad helped us understand more fully the physical concepts of velocity and acceleration. Oneohtrix Point Never’s spectacular R Plus Seven felt contemporary like few contemporary musics do, but also like some kind of declaration of independence of the algorithmic nation (for all we know this is already happening). Hieroglyphic Being’s Imaginary Soundscapes did what it says in the box (and had a swell dance when he played in London). Dark Entries reissue of Patrick Cowley’s School Daze revealed a primeval soup whence new evolutionary trajectories will emerge. It also resolved the eternal mind-body problem without having to say a word.

Link to positive party scenario 2

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