Wiley Peyote

There are magicians in this world, who in their lifetime dip many different toes into the pools of creation, creating ripples that vary in wavelength, yet are similar in signature.

As parched travelers crawling through the desert of popular culture, where ravenous vultures attempt to lead us astray so they may feed off our dry demise, we ecstatically encounter these pools, learning the path to the next through the code contained in our modulating reflections. The code is already a part of us but without performing this rite of passage we shall never be able to hear its pulse, without making this journey we shall be forever lost, eternally at the mercy of devious coyotes, unable to find our kindred civilisation. Going down Halfords and buying a SatNav just isn’t going to cut it.

Secret Circuit – White Wish

May we introduce to you a most cosmic of brethren. Not to be confused with the well known visual artist of the same name, although they may be related in some way, you might already know a certain Mr Eddie Ruscha from other guises, such as the shoegazes of Medicine and Maids of Gravity, the reggea reggea inspired Future Pigeon and Rub n Tug collaboration The Laughing Light Of Plenty. Such hereditarty talents here bring us the psychotropical mastery of Secret Circuit.

Secret Circuit – Roll

Bringing with it the most dubbed out ukelele ever heard, roll packs the suitcase for our psychedelic travel writing excursion. Slipping some mescalin into Alex Garland’s morning coffee on the way, our arrival on the island is greeted by a laser calypso refrain, the shimmering of the sea joining in with the ritual of summoning musicians from another dimension, rocks and shells swirling in mid-air, as they materialise before us.

Listening sweetly, we pen our novel inspired by this place, an ironic comment on the cancer of tourism and human selfishness, which we will turn into a multi-million dollar movie, which will in turn inspire thousands to visit this place, undermining our original point entirely. All Saints this ain’t.

Not content with the many projects above, Eddie also brings us the awesomeness of Dada Munchamonkey.

Dada Munchamonkey – See Thru Love

Coming like a Casiotone for the Joyously Stoned, See Thru Love is a low fidelity space jam of the highest order. A cerebral R&B ballad in reverse where typically insincere, mournful vocals about lost love are replaced with an exploratory synth line, philosophising about our most powerful of emotions, whilst forgotten, dusty circuits come to terms with their new found voltaic being. We are very pleased they are no longer a secret.

Astonishingly, this track is a decade old and taken from a self titled album released on the Exist Dance label, which we wholeheartedly recommend tracking down. Additionally, Lovefingers offer us a Secret Circuit mixtape.