Heavenly Zork

Pional’s Another Room is minimal techno for a world with an alternative history where instead of adopting its proverbial reactionary stance, the Catholic Church had embraced all that’s cool and all-encompassing and nature loving about the old time relijuns, leading us down a totally different evolutionary path where hedonism became not the last refuge of the reality-negating pitiful scoundrel, but the first step in the ascension towards the shining gates of enlightenment, Jacob opens the door at the top of his ladder into a heavenly party with Danny Aiello DJing clad in a gold-dust sprinkled robe. All hands in the Air of Elysium, come on.

The original mix of this one has been doing the rounds out in the world, but, like with Apocalypse Now, we prefer the redux. Actually, this could be called Epiphany Redux. There.

Pional- Another Room (Pional Reduxed Version)

Get Pional from Barcelona’s very fine Hivern Discs.

Everyone is loving Coyote Clean Up’s spaced out struts down the psychotropic gravity well, and FUR’s unselfconsciously intelligent tundra-core. It made sense that they came together in the aptly named Lackadaisical collaboration via Waaga records on the 1st of March. Fur’s version you can listen here, while Coyote’s dub awaits below with its, erm, dare I say, chilled grooves- nothing wrong with that buster, couldn’t think of a better thing to do on a Sunny Saturday Morning.

Get there, it’s like skinny dipping in the pink waters of an ocean of psychedelic syrup to swim with sirens intent not on wrecking your bodily vessel against cruel rocks, but embracing you warmly into a space of amniotic peace, and mutter a soothing lullaby into your ear. Everybody heals sometime.

FUR- Lackadaisical (Coyote Clean Up Dub)

I couldn’t put it better than Ashley: ‘Burnkane sounds like My Bloody Valentine if they listened Burial’- perhaps I would have said  ‘Salem if they were into voodoo instead of satanism’.

Who cares when that martial dubstep shuffle which is the eternal standard of Can’s Vitamin C as updated via Richie Hawtin’s remix of La Funk Mob’s Motorbass Get Phunked Up kicks off, some lineage, add ominous bass convolution which wouldn’t be out of place of a Sunn 150 gram B-side spinning the haunted spiderweb which trapped the urban djinn whose spectral incantations you hear, and you have the perfect soundtrack for the horror sub-plot that William Gibson didn’t get to include in Count Zero: the flipside of heaven.

Burnkane- You Know

Grab yourself a copy of the 12 here.