Rolling & Scratching

Featuring : Sully + Ultrasound

Well Rounded Records keep going from strength to strength, after Deadboy’s luminous future soul shuffle, enter Ultrasound with a chunky piece of jacking Chicago proto-house with a British twist.

This is our party music: primitive drums pummelling like a crack squad of voodoo phuturists, or Armando’s gremlins at the height of their perfectly logical madness, breakdown and come back again adding ingredients to the sizzling pot, mild cosmic synth butterfly, swinging gears and abstract disco snippets pile up in a demonstration of flow that should make Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi knot his tie to his forehead and get down in the dancefloor like this was his daughter’s wedding. This tune smells of summer, heavy roll indeed.

Ultrasound- Heavy Roll Pt. 1

Get the 12 from here while you can.

Sully’s ‘In Some Pattern’ is one of those perfect crossover tunes concocted in a heavenly limbo where 2 step impresarios, Detroit logicians, rave hippies and synth nostalgics join forces to build a spaceship targeted at your dancing bones, carrying an alien cute kitten that tries to explain to you the way people have fun in its galaxy, in an abstract language made of primary sounds, joyous changes in pitch and clockwork cadences- think Joker doing a remix of a Black Dice cover version of Prince if you want, it doesn’t matter, this is utterly irresistible in its own gloriously weird terms.

Sully- In some Pattern

Fetch ‘in Some Pattern’ here.