Teeth of the sea-mixtape 2010

Featuring : Podcast + Teeth of the Sea

And as promised, here you have the mixtape that Teeth of the Sea have put together for us in order to celebrate the launch of Hypnoticon Viva, their new 12”. I am listening to the record  (which you can, for example, fetch here), 2 minutes into the title track and a simmering halo of progressive power has already started to take form around the turntable, unspeakable forces peek from the other side. What can I say that Julian Cope hasn’t?

Check out the mixtape: Fly like Jodorowsky, Kick like Peckinpah. That’s the way it’s done.

Teeth of the Sea 20JFG mixtape

0.Angry Bob: Intro
1. Eroc: Greenhouse Effect
2.Oneida: All Arounder
3.Dirty Filthy Mudd: Forest Of Black
4.Big Business:Another Fourth of July…Ruined
5.Skyramps:Flight Simulator
6.Bongwater:Nick Cave Dolls
7.This Heat: S.P.Q.R.
8.Venus Gang: Cosmic Daddy
9.Reichmann: Wunderbarr
10. Keith Fullerton Whitman: Schnee
11. Hygrades: In The Jungle
12.Crom: The Gathering
13. Medieval Steel: Medieval Steel
14.Underworld: To Heal