Cowboys Vs. Aliens

image by Daniel Kvasznicza

Arriving in the hollowed out remains of an old 5 1/4″ floppy disc Gum Takes Tooth‘s percussive noise workouts belie their fragile packaging.  Hermaphrodite & Nourishment recalls the tribal rhythms and oscillating noise, the echoey chants and the sense of drifting on a leaking wooden raft through the malaria infested jungles of Drum’s Not Dead.  Looping, repeating, spinning arms aloft like a wild Aguirre as the trees extend their embrace across the water.  The ever pounding drums tracking the creeping progress of the thickening air.

As the river turns to a still stream we emerge upon a collision of 50’s film soundscapes: some colonial war drums squaring off against the oscillating electronic notes of a three walled laboratory – echoing through space like a atomic angel of death.  This reverie, punctured only by the return of the the haunting chants.  A sign of waking or a hint that this respite is but a dream.

Gum Takes Tooth – Hermaphrodite & Nourishment

And then we find ourselves in space.

Âlan Duval was kind enough to provide 20JFG with this bass heavy oasis.  Its parts echoing around some 5am swimming pool, anticipating a Balearic dawn.  The stillness of the mirror pool awaiting the penetration of the eastern horizon to come.  But for now all is calm, even and shadowless.

Ecstatic: the store of nighttime memory deployed before the chastening light of dawn bathes each exquisite moment in the prosaic light of the wakening world.  You feel the cool touch of your head against the damp concrete lip of the pool, gazing up at the ribbons of light tethering the world to the stars.

Âlan Duval – Midnight Desire

We’ll be co-hosting a ‘pilot’ night at the Big Chill House in Kings Cross this Saturday with our long term allies Allez Allez.  Named after the classic Malaria song ‘Your Turn to Run’ expect the dancier side of 20JFG’s playlist in support of the excellent Legowelt.  Free before 10pm and £5 after, it runs till 3am.

…and to celebrate here’s a mix Legowelt made for the night:

Legowelt mix

the psychic stewardess – shinobi theme (strangelife)
$tinkworx – amira (strangelife)
ricardo miranda – black acid (legowelt remix) (hour house is your rush records)
unknown – trac for moses (unreleased)
leeroy & the black diaspora – be somebody (creme)
legowelt – el horizonte (unreleased)
satomi tamayama – shimane dreams, foxes and secret squirells (strangelife)
legowelt – m astronomical unit (unreleased)
first choice – love & happiness (cover of ron hardy’s remix) (unreleased)
the africa jet band – fuzz party III (unreleased m-division records australia)