I have no mouth, and I must scream

Human Resources have been echoing on repeat across the convoluted labyrinth of tunnels which stretch like the blood vessels of the evil Hydra which is the bunker where we dream our evil dreams, a corrupted Mt. Rushmore carved with the faces of the Great Psychodelians, Delia is there, and so are Mark E. Smith, Blixa Bargeld, Roky Ericsson, Thurston Moore and many others, severe and enigmatic like Easter Island faces, perhaps a slight shift in their countenance, is that a smile, at the subtle reverberations of the music to which we revel in our forbidden chambers.

Understandable this is, after all, Human Resources’ racket is an irresistible one, even for titans of stone, Do-it-Yourself controlled charges of black energy detonating in the surface of a dying Sun, micro-fractures spread rapidly heralding that subtle collapse of all structures of which Einsturzende Neubauten’s industrial death march is the Jungian archetype, through the cracks bloom a thousand flowers of poisonous beauty to the drone of a sickly carousel tune.

Human Resources- Yellow Cake

Yellow Cake is included in the Fast Times c15 you can get here.

The aforementioned blood vessels spread deep into the rocky surfaces, past hallowed burial grounds and hidden treasures, into vast caves where a primitive tribe fooled into the belief that the world above was wiped out during a nuclear holocaust worship at the altar of the master brain, a biomechanical nightmare straight off Philip K. Dick’s twisted imagination, only kept alive by the ministrations of the tribe’s shaman, a complex infrastructure of autopoietic life support machines, and blood sacrifices where the tribe’s weakest are sucked off their life fluids, a pile of bones accumulates at the end of the conveyor belt which represents the master brain’s digestive system.

Beau Wanzer’s Wick Hunny is the sound of this apparatus at work, blips in the electrocardiogram and encephalic waves registering seismic shifts whenever the master brain cunningly devises a new myth to reaffirm his control over the tribe, the ghastly drone of a corrupt super-intellect at work, and the clicks and wirrs of the insectoid ballet through which clockwork machinery drain the living of blood so the undead can continue its simulation of life. Technology becomes dark magic under a self-preservation imperative, and we watch in horror and fascination, freaky pagan metal machine music really does turn us on.

B.W.- Wick Hunny

Wick Hunny will be included in a WMFU comp to be released in a couple of months, we shall give you a shout when it happens.

For anyone dwelling in the New York area tonight be sure to head down to Glasslands for Tuesday Nite Disco, one of the raddest parties in town brought to you by the truest bluest chaps, Todd Pendu and Harrison Owen. Earlier in the year the guys threw a shitstorm of a show with Salem and Gatekeeper and tonight Gatekeeper affiliates White Car will be bringing their zombified Jam & Lewis vibes to the stage for one night only. Rainbow Body Records recently released White Car’s awesome debut EP, full of metallic post apocalyptic funk rhythm, that sounded like the fantasy by-product of Prince being abducted by Coil and developing a beautiful case of Stockholm Syndrome for his kidnappers, jamming out in the back of some banged out white van. Be wise not to miss out.

Today Kompakt made the announcement that one of your XXJFG faithful has branched out and founded his own record label which will function as an imprint of the mighty German brand. As well as this The Guardian ran a sweet story in relation to the label that may well haunt me in the next 12 months. Whisper it gently… drag. FYI, this is a term I’m still wrapping my head around having only come to have known it very recently, and frankly it could have been far, far worse…drone and bass anyone?

The name of the label is Tri Angle and without giving too much away just yet, because after all secrets are fun, forthcoming releases can be expected from oOoOO, Slava, Balam Acab, Creep and others. More words will emerge soon.

In just over a week in partnership with Group Tightener and Market Hotel, XXJFG / Tri Angle will be hosting an event at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. Needless to say, the line up turned out pretty special, so if you happen to be at SXSW this year, do come and shake bones. FREE ENTRY/NO BADGES//ALL AGES…fun. Full details of the line up and whereabouts are HERE. Hope to see some of you there.