Life Molded from Graph Paper

There is a balance of anonymity and intimacy here in LA that, although dangerous (i.e roadrage, drivebys, plastic surgery), has helped create one of the most diverse sounding music scenes in America. Tied together by a few brave DIY music venues like The Smell, Sync Space, Echo Curio, and Pehrspace, people from many different walks of life come together and share their ideas. Just for a moment though, and then back into their silence-mobiles and to their unique little neighborhoods and secret lifestyles. Honestly, I’ve never seen the movie ‘What We Do Is Secret’, but the title only makes perfect sense for a film about LA music. So one can only guess what crazy lifestyle is influencing the band E&E. Nothing else in LA sounds like this band, although with the internet craze of Chillwave going on, it will be no surprise if they capture your heart and imagination the way they are around here. Lush and personal yet sci-fi and cinematic. These romantic sounds are groundbreaking.

E&E – Gate

Their debut, untitled album just came out. At the moment only available here… which is, um, my own distro. Don’t mean to be self-serving, if an alternate place to get it pops up, I will let you know.

Sci-fi in another completely mysterious manner are Rabbits. A journey through their website is simultaneously a journey through an alternate universe of astronaut rabbits, time-folded history of punk, and confusion all around. What is the truth of Rabbits? Are they a current a band? Are they something rediscovered from punk archeological digs on Mars? In any case, they are the sludge of deep space. Don’t let their name mislead you, these are not the friendly, cuddly creatures you once knew. Perhaps the fine line between pet and livestock finally got to them. Beware listener.

Rabbits – Monkey Mites

Rabbits have an equally dangerous 10″ out now on Eolian.

Until Invisibility Cloaks go retail, we here at 20 Jazz Funk Greats will keep indulging in the mysteries of sound. Probably after that too, if you don’t mind? That said, video still offers some great voids to jump into. tik///tik just dropped his first video. Is it small and quaint or cosmically expansive ala Inner-Space? You be the judge:

Can’t Let Just Anybody Hold Me from Entropic Tarot on Vimeo.