Nerds of Prey

Ariel Pink has all the right in the world to be grump. After all, rather than spending his teen age years getting involved in all sort of Byzantine high school intrigues, drinking and having casual sex, he decided to stay home listening to forgotten gems of cold war pop and soul, taking it all in, not with the analytical detachment of a scholar, but with the zealous fervour of an addict*. One day he came out, fully formed genius with eyes that project lightning bolts of faded love, song writing skills that would have had him enthroned in the pantheon of pop brilliance…if it wasn’t occupied by whoever writes Lady Ga Ga’s music. It’s a good reason to be grumpy, but we love him even more for that.

Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti- Round and Round

Just check out his latest tune out on 4AD, it’s probably already been posted by every other blogger and his dog, but I don’t care. It’s gotta be here, dog.

*- I made this biography up.

Besides keeping us in our semiotic toes with his comments, Mr. Sean Orr also happens to make music under the moniker of ‘Tassels‘. He’s been sending stuff for some time, all of it more than worthy to be featured in these pages. If we haven’t, it is only because our continuous fight against inner demons and practical gremlins have kept us dead busy. But it is now time to get on with it, here you go.

Psychobuildings – Birds of Prey (Tassels edit)

Birds of Prey is the brief vision of a bloody street-fight between synthetic boogie commandos and lurking drone necromancers that occurred in the back alleys of Alphabet city on Sunday night, as beheld from the lush interior of a black limo with tinted mirrors that was driving us at full speed to a telepathic orgy at the Scientologist HQ. Step on it, Draco!