The Rats in the Walls

Featuring : oOoOO + Terror Bird

Terror Bird’s ‘Shadows in the Halls’ lends itself to a couple of different interpretations. On the one hand, it could be a lovely portrayal of the way in which sharing your bed can work to assuage the terrors which flow and ebb in the night when it is at its darkest, evil poison oozing from jaws agape, forever frustrated by the inviolable force-field of love irradiating from two together. On the other hand, it might be that it is those terrors that are themselves born and bred in the wasteland of insomnia which spreads under the storm clouds of doubt as one sleeps and the other frets. It could be both things…life is complicated, ‘Shadows in the Halls’ seems to finish with a question mark.

No matter what, it is a wonderful electro-pop oddity full of lovely 80s chimes, gliding synths and, of course, the voice Nikki Nevver turned into duo and soaring, expanding strong enough to vanquish into oblivion any shadowy succubi that might try to crawl up the stairs.

Terror Bird- Shadows in the Halls

This is included in an album soon to be released by french wiz kids LA Station Radar. Good things come in pairs: They are also putting out an album in Night People/Adagio 830. They are currently booking a tour over Europe in June and July, if you have any ideas about cool places they could play, drop them a line here: myterrorbird at

oOoOO, perchance ruling monarchs of that province that some call ‘drag’, where emotions ooze slow and twisted, and blood spills thick like cough syrup, thrill us once again, this time with ‘NoShore’, a Lynchian murder ballad which advances across undead cowboy country like a spiritual storm of smudged contour, projecting lightning bolts of pure black and a hail of tears. Slowed down vocal effects and a bassline which is the echo of thunders rumbling distant in the vaults of the afterlife, pummelling rhythm like the steps of a funereal procession engulf us into a space of hallucinated mourning.

This is the sad song that ghosts sing when one of them fades away into a blinding life, birthed into life. You can’t win.

oOoOO- NoShore

NoShore is included in Dark as Night, a super-limited cassette compilation which the psychic dudes at Bathetic have just released. It also features music by S U R V I V E, SLEEP ∞ OVER and Terminal Twlight, all bands which we love. Go get.