12th April 2010

Future warriors brandish weapons loaded with forgotten history

When the past sounds more like the future than the present does, revival becomes progressive. Some of the coolest sounds that have been bombarding the space capsule where your 20jazzfunkgreats psychonauts float in a zero G lotus position cradling chunky pulse rifles as they await for their rendezvous with the Beat,  are those of the rave diaspora which kicked off many a year ago, spawning some of our most favourite bleeps, toots and horns, before sinking under the thick waves of excessive substance intake, whose bad digestion heralded much claustrophobic trashing in a zone where highly flammable outfits are the fashion de jour, and inane conversations with truculent hounds too frequent an event.

But as Pictureplane has shown us, there’s much to be said for the sounds produced by the colourful collision of particularly hyper-accelerated breeds of dance music against the soft brains of the British youth in a green field somewhere in the outskirts of Chelmsford circa 1988.

(Artwork of Omni Magazine above via Eric Carl)

Blissed Out is another master of that basic truth which is that you shouldn’t have psychedelics without psychedelia, in his case burnished with liberal doses of fuzz which do nothing but enhance the feeling of confusion, chaos and paranoia of a trooper being digested by the collective monster in the best tradition of the suppressed pagan celebrations of yore, which is what rave is about.

‘Empire State of Mind’ is but one output of his effort, which will be thankfully leading to a full album later on in the year.

The chopped up vocals of a febrile dawn diva anthem are peppered with noises which are the creaking of the hinges of the badly oiled doors of perception as thrown open by Black Dice, while the systematic introduction of a murderous hi hat contribute to infuse the piece in question with a metronomic structure, somewhere in between Can and grime.

All hands in the air, clad in white gloves splattered with blood, now that’s more like it.

Blissed Out-Empire_State of Mind Edit

Sister Mantos also knows what I am talking about. Some of the devilish workouts in his ‘Tough Love or The Fands of Hate’ album to be released by Sweetheart Society/Manimal in May do indeed come across like the feverish output of the Detroit secret conspiracy if their film club had featured more Tigon than German futurism. Dancing as a frantic race leaping from rooftop to rooftop across the skyline of a modern metropolis while it collapses under the attack of a super-advanced and merciless alien civilisation.

Worldwide, which we are leaving you with today could very much be a theme tune for 20jazzfunkgreats very own chat-show:

‘This one goes out to all the unicorns, all the fairies, all the witches and the shamans and the believers of the unbelievable’ over Roxanne Shante concrete beats and the distant glimmer of a perverted electro-pop jewel blending into the spectre of an Ibiza piano?

Get off our brains you telepath!

Sister Mantos- Worldwide

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  1. I’ve been really liking Blissed Out for the last couple of months, but this is amazing and feels quite unexpected! wow!

    Yours sincerely


    12th April 2010

  2. ok ive heaRD those drums before i get tired of them im talking bout the sister mantos track i think is garageband that has those drums alot of ppl have used that sound

    Yours sincerely


    12th April 2010

  3. wow, I saw sister mantos perform at california institute of arts last year, and from what I understood, pretty much just when they had just turned into a real band-band. it was amazing. I liked it so much. I remember going home and trying to find something about it on the internet, and not being able to find anything. they were playing crazy drums and there were dancers throwing glitter at us. I’m so glad they showed up here now! I had kind of forgotten about this.

    Yours sincerely


    22nd April 2010

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