Fuzzy Feelings

fuzzy feelings

Wait, was that really mead you just slurped down like nectar? Or something more dangerous, and fantastical, and… wait… are those wings?

Your toes skim the forest canopy as the stars blink on and off in time to the sound throbbing out of your chest, before swirling into an elegant mirrorball pattern. It rotates around you. You are the new magnetic pole that this old galaxy shall pivot around.

GTA V Soundtrack – No Happy Endings

When you land it isn’t by volition, but your winged feet guide you to the epicentre as smooth as a stairlift. Around you every breed of forest creature and goblin is thrashing away, swords on the floor, hands in the air. Darkness kept at bay through a new warm and (quite literally) fuzzy feeling of togetherness.

My Panda Shall Fly – Dark No

As you dance, eyes closed, rapture on your face, you feel yourself start to ascend again. But no, wait, the wings haven’t grown back. You’re being hoisted into the air and a thousand tiny hands press against your spine, head, legs and arms. The munchkins chant as they lead you away. Crowdsurfing the little people.

Katie Gately – Y’all

When your eyes open there are attack helicopters swarming overhead, a naked, giant CGI lady straddles the Empire States Building, and the 50 Cent from the 50 Cent: Bulletproof PS2 game salutes you with a bottle of Bud as he receives every kind of satisfaction from an array of sex minions.

Is Tropical – Dancing Anymore

Something tentacled and suckered is lapping at you in a not unpleasurable but wholly inappropriate way. Everything feels so good. It started with the mead, and sure, it took you to some strange places, but it was all worth it right? It’s a thought you try to cling onto even when the last thing your body can feel is the teeth and the rushing siphoning of blood…

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2013 References

Art is The Witches in The Air by Goya. Is Tropical’s Dancing Anymore might be a little more mainstreamy than you’ve heard from us lately, but we childishly loved the audacious, ridiculous video. My Panda Shall Fly made a totally brilliant techno mini-album that hopefully heralds even more brilliant things in 2014. We think we sort of discovered Katie Gately – we found one of the first bits of music she had made, a remix for Schemawound at the beginning of the year, and by the end of the year she was at the top of a whole heap of ‘Best of 2013’ lists, simultaneously releasing two of 2013’s Best Things with an LP on Public Information and a tape/download on Blue Tapes. Y’All predates either – a fantastic pop Soundcloud album from early 2013.