Ill Defined Seasons

Featuring : Maxxi & Zeus, Mi Ami + Peepholes

Like a colossal bird emerging from Darwin’s Egg, spring spread its golden wings across our fair seaside city yesterday, an inverted Phoenix, bringing everything around it back to life.  Gentle breezes flicking through the narrow streets, blowing away the cloak of grey that accumulates in winter’s dormancy.  Rays of light, in training, waiting to ambush, with nostalgia for moments past with friends and beer and battered stereos only temporarily avoiding the urge to consume your precious tapes.  For in our ill defined seasons this weather-purgatory seems at last ready to give way to the hazzy bliss of summer.  And as before (after the tapes but before today) Mi Ami are back to amplify that hazzy bliss of summer with gentle waves of building distortion.

Dreamers rolls around in the dirt of teenage nights spent in suburban back gardens, the battered wooden fences dividing you from the worlds of possibility beyond.  Feral, half glimpsed in the blue/orange night, stalking your periphery with hints of reckless futures.  A growing crescendo calling out across decades of electric guitars, rusting in the salt heavy sea air.

Mi Ami – Dreamers

Mi Ami’s new album Steal Your Face (artwork above) is out next week.

image courtesy of David Jien

Like some totem of Balearic bliss Maxxi & Zeus pre-empted this welcome herald of warmer times by dropping their new 12″ for International Feel through the portal.  Deliriously and unashamedly ambient The Struggle stands with its back to the lapping waves of dusk facing forward, into the dark forest on the edge of the beach.  The tension and release of shaken percussion forming the spine to synth cameos.  The ghostly shell of Vangelis’s Deckard, blissfully washed ashore, lifespan ending, wishing he’d seen the Tannhäuser Gate.  Eno’s Ambient works filling the atmosphere, paving the way for the quasi-self-help sample.  Strangely unsure, self-deprecating yet eerily charismatic.  Gloriously at odds with the simple natural beauty of the synthesised sounds that served as prelude.

Maxxi & Zeus – The Struggle

Maxxi & Zeus’s 12″ will be out some time in May.

Bonus video for Peepholes‘ Ladder from the Lair 12″ out on our very own Hungry For Power.