Lazer of the Mystics

Featuring : Florene + Spirituals

The mass diffusion of cheap music production technologies, access to more influences than a God with control over the time and space shenanigans could ever meaningfully process, and distribution platforms that make everything available everywhere have put much power in the hands of youths who are sufficiently unwise not to conform to the rules of craft or genre. Most of it is crap, but some of it is awesome. Sorting it out puts much strain on our bounded rationalities, that’s the reason why we still need excellent record labels such as Waaga. Check out their latest.

We kicked off the year in grand style with Florene’s ‘Deal with it’, Motorik music for a place with no roads, that’s the way we put it. That numinous beast is to be included in their forthcoming (and aptly titled) ‘Homemade Extacy’ (out in June).

Space Cadet ends it they way it should:  dance music made in the same way in which others design their characters for a suicide incursion into expanses of space where chaos reigns supreme and crawling monstrosities roam unfettered- think of that same same vein of epic euro-techno that the Knife mined in Silent Shout, but with guns. Florene just want to watch the universe burn.

Florene- Space Cadets

If Florene are on the warpath (is there a tarot card for the Barbarian?) then Spirituals are a luminous scout vessel cruising mysterious provinces of abstract beauty.

Steve Reich on Steroids is perhaps not the sort of image you want to entertain, but it is what I thought when I listened to ‘Wandering’- shards of information stretching back to the beginning of the universe are processed by synthetic bluegrass sensors and transformed into the steady EKG drone of whatever cosmic consciousness the mystics have been groping for since mankind first stared at the stars from the primeval savannah, pupils dilate for a second, the first word of our language was: Woah’.

Spirituals- Wanderings