Summer Slim

High fives all around! Let’s get stoked for summer! Its really close! Here in LA we’re currently experiencing what they call ‘earthquake weather’. Honestly, I’m not sure what that is. Is it weather that rocks? If so, then Batwings Catwings are the perfect sound for the season. (Thats like a terrible dad joke, isn’t it?) Anyway, born from the ashes of two other LA bands, Puppy Dog and TPF!, this troupe is fierce and friendly, punk and refined, happy and angry and all those contradictions that add up to the rock n’ roll spirit.

Batwings Catwings – Gold to Black

These guys used to be on meth or pcp or something and must have opted for a more chemical solution to kicking the old habit, cuz they have been on the slo-road to sloop-gaze for a few years now. Their latest is slicker than ever, and the spell cast will make its way up your vulnerable spine with ease. Slime bubble toms and gurgling tadpole vocals are ready to seduce you into the murk. Wear scuba gear. Knight Rider love you on glug side of the bloodbow.

Knight Rider – Advanced Talking

Canadians are not known for their anger, but Montreal must be a tough place to live or something. The home of AIDS Wolf now has spawned another intense fuck-you band for you to love but never tame. Dead Wife. Are they your friends or will they make you cry in public? Oh wait, maybe these kids are just having fun?!!?! In any case, you get what you deserve. Try to enjoy it and be thankful they gave you anything at all.

Dead Wife – Gentlemen Rapist

If you want to hear more, their new 7″ is on Psychic Handshake / No Vacation. And the sweet drawing of the band by Lisa Czech.

Just to make sure you are fully rocked out for summer, here is an epic fizzer from No Age. Everything you know them for, distant dreamscapes, uplifting currents, and punk peace twirls all exist here in a single gentle hurricane. This track was released a couple years ago as a split cassette w/ Abe Vigoda (like two cute otters holding hands) on the Deathbomb Arc Tape Club. Long OOP, this track is too awesome for people not to hear. So not hear it no longer.

No Age – Brett Shultz Himself

HEALTH are playing one out of three dates in Brighton tonight, and the mighty Cold Pumas support. 20jazzfunkgreats shall we playing some records in between the shows. Get down to Audio, it’s going to be one of the shows of the year. More info here.