The Titular Beast

A guitar stab emerges from the gothic, reverberating haunts of giallo throb and vocal gristle, heralding the ascension from such dark concerns back towards the infinite.  The pervasive congested atmosphere of so much of the recent night clears to reveal the pure arpegiated beauty, the breathless kiss, of a rumbling Lost Highway.  The mechanised violence of tarmac supplanted by the smooth gleam of neon.  The static hiss, the tape distortion, all gone; dropped away in the face of a series of muscular analogue harmonics.

Jonas Reinhardt returns with the new album Powers of Audition on Kranky, from which Near A Mirrored Pit Viper is taken.  In a delightful piece of synchronicity Jonas’ explanation of the album’s title seems to sum up 20JFG’s approach to nearly all the music we post:

“Each of the songs is meant to engage the listener’s innate power of audition to fill in intentionally left blanks. These occur throughout the recording where there is either diminished narrative resolution or explicit sectional movement meant to provoke an auditory response.”

Jonas Reinhardt – Near A Mirrored Pit Viper

Exploding with the bass haunted thump of the titular beast, Spectral Empire’s monster stalks the eternal labyrinth, here relocated to Pompeii and imbued with the relentlessness of lava.  Cascading, wailing guitar solos, swamped beneath the molten surface of its remorseless, chest pound of a beat, engage in a persistent struggle to lift themselves away from the boiling, heaving surface.  Yet the hooves continue to shake the air with their clipped digital bass hits, synth lines curled around them – defiant serpents, eyes glistening in the heat haze.  The whole, collapsing at the end of its epic journey, weighed down by the intensity of its footsteps looking up in time to see the spectral essence of the tormenting guitar lines ascend in the rising ash.

Spectral Empire delivered The Minotaur to the world on a limited 12″ way back in the winter nights of 2008.  To prepare us all for their forthcoming residency at Land of Kings, Thisisnotanexit are re-unleashing the 12″ digitally via the your chosen purveyor of MP3s (at a higher bitrate than this).

Spectral Empire – The Minotaur

For those readers waking up to this post in and around NYC, 20JFG would like to point you in the direction of this party tonight, featuring the beloved Hugo Capablanca, a man responsible for bringing 20JFG to Berlin…among his other sins.