20jfg Podcast: Donga

Our good friend Donga, owner of Well Rounded Records and man behind countless musical delights, has been kind enough to send us over an hour of frankly incredible music for 20JFG’s (semi)regular Saturday podcast series.  All mixed live.  All mixed from vinyl (that’s him up there).

Donga’s SCOM mix

1. Menahan Street Band – ‘Make the road by walking’ (Dunham)
2. African Headcharge – ‘Stebeni’s Theme’ (On-U Sound)
3. Aha – ‘I’ve been losing you (Dub)’ (WEA)
4. Jinder – ‘Youth Blood’ (Trouble n Bass)
5. Sugardaddy – ‘Love Honey (Greg Wilson’s Extended Version)’ (Tirk)
6. Glass Domain – ‘Interlock’ (Clone)
7. Dan Deacon – ‘Woof Woof (Hudson Mohawke Remix)’ (Amazing Sounds)
8. The Hundred In The Hands – ‘Dressed in Dresden (Kyke MF Hall Remix)’ (Warp)
9. Tito Puente – ‘Ran Kan Kan (MAW Remix)’ (Elektra)
10. Modal – ‘Get It’ (Communique)
11. Claro Intellecto – ‘Round & Round’ (Modern Love)
12. Georg Levin – ‘The Better Life (Piano Dub)’ (BBE)
13. Black Dog – ‘Skinclock (Silicone Soul Remix)’ (Soma)
14. Ultrasound – ‘Heavy Roll’ (Well Rounded)
15. Sami Sanchez – ‘Dirty Trumpet’ (BM Funky)
16. Mark Force – ‘Gypo’ (Bittasweet)
17. Deadboy – ‘U Cheated’ (Well Rounded)
18. TRG – ‘Groove Control’ (Rush Hour)
19. Fabulous Baker Boys – ‘Oh Boy (Ramsey & Fen Remix)’ (Virgin)
20. Maxime Dangles – ‘Bayern Kurve’ (Kompakt)
21. Drexciya – ‘Andreaen Sand Dunes’ (Tresor)
22. Mirko Loko – ‘Tahktok (Ricardo Villalobos Remix)’ (Cadenza)
23. Basic Channel – ‘Phylyps Trak’ (BC)
24. DJ Deeon – ‘Let It Be’ (Dance Mania)
25. Altered Natives – ‘Raaatid Einstein’ (Fresh Minute)
26. Hackman – ‘Surround’ (Well Rounded)