Limb by Limb

The sonic adventurousness of the patriarchs of the German progressive enlightenment did as you well know inform the subsequent outbursts of bile and clockwork percussiveness of the British post punk commune revolting against the advent of the Lady of Darkness, may our new leaders be as evil so that we can reap the rewards of such an energetic musical response!

The protean miniatures of Karlheinz Stockhausen did branch in the directions specified above, yet they were also spread like avant garde butter over chasms of silence to create the paradoxical loops of progressive repetition of the modern minimal composition odyssey.

I have the pleasure of being acquainted with the trio of gentlemen that make Cold Pumas, yet I wouldn’t want to make any assumptions about the burning drive which underpins their abstract hardcore escapades, or the influences on which these are built. What I can say though is that, in their thrusting vector crash the metronomic beat of our teutonic totems, and the finely sliced musical layers that our cerebral explorers stacked. What one gets is a life-affirming rhythm where the drop replaces the raga, to achieve the same effects as modern dance music.

The above was written in a style which attempted to reverse the energy of Cold Pumas’ Party Drip while listening to it in repeat. Hardest thing I’ve done this year.

Cold Pumas- Party Drip

Included in their latest wonderfully coloured 7” in Upset the Rhythm.

I would not dare delving into the creative maelstrom in which the nervous & intellectual system of renowned 8-bit maestro Shige Scotch Egg swirls, lest I end forever trapped there like the dainty cat driven insane by the excrescences of a Lovecraftian nightmare, perhaps as inscribed by the chaotic hand of one Brian Chippendale. Alas, that’s my loss and also a reason to fortify my spirit for the ultimate onslaught. Because as you should know, Shige is the orchestrator of Drum Eyes, and Drum Eyes’ new album, ‘Gira Gira’ will be released in July by Upset the Rhythm, who else?

Future Police arrives from there, and in a serendipituous way connects to the discussion which we began on the topic of Cold Pumas. Because as you know the seeds of the syncopated tree that Karlheinz Stockhausen planted also grew into the Bauhaus geometry of Kraftwerk’s edifice, the first- and some would say ultimate- opus of engineered emotion.

And if it isn’t Kraftwerk which animates the opening of Future Police, then, by jove, I don’t know what does! From there it crawls and twists like a pixelated hound straight off an exploitation flick, or one of the horned deities at the foot of which the little Keith Haringesque Darwinians would struggle if their realm has been compiled in a satellite orbiting the vicinity of a black hole at the outermost confines of the Unthinking Depth.

That’s enough nerd paraphernalia for you to grapple with now, because right now, I’m off.

Drum Eyes- Future Police

And here you have the première video from Trash Kit’s cadets, which we posted a little while ago. Cadets is included in their self-titled album. Baseball furies vs Bow Wow Wow jaunty jangles? We’re so there.