On one of our many moons

Sometimes 20JFG sucks us from our beds and transports us over Elysian Fields, oscillating star fields and weird New England landscapes. Sometimes it dwells in the red flickering realm of VU meters on battered tape decks, sometimes in the run-out grooves of The Loft. And sometimes, we yearn for the purity of pop that was quickly (and wrongly) shunned in the face of awkward adolescence. The brevity, the rush of emotion, the glimpse of possibilities passed by too quickly, as if seen from a passing car, headphones on, eyes out the window.

This is pop the form, not pop the content. Pop the idea of completeness, a closed circle of a song. Not something to wallow in, something to be spun round by, something to sing along to, something that enters you and remains impenetrable as it sings of its soul. There may be a time for the twin cousins of ‘album version’ and ’12” mix’ but you know, in your heart, it requires a 7″ to live.

So here are some mp3s.

From the embers of Shitdisco – a band that graced our beloved The Do back in the heady days of NME features on nu-rave – Joe and Darren rise with Age of Consent. Spreading their talons into the soft flesh of 80s electro-soul while managing to co-opt the simple arpeggiated genius of Mr Carpenter, they’ve drawn tight a disarmingly dense stab of epic pop yearning. Ending with an Afrobeat-by-way-of-MIDI-drums coda might have blown their cover though…or might just be perfect.

This is a demo so turn it up.

Ages of Consent – The Beach (Demo)

Echo Lake were featured earlier this week on the ever wonderful No Pain in Pop with their first finished track, Everything is Real. Now it’s the turn of 20JFG to furnish you with a parcel of their reverberating dream-pop.

In Dreams rests atop a relentless metronomic beat reassuringly backed up with a rhythm guitar transported straight from a worn copy of Neu! – bass exorcised by countless years of adoration. The ethereal vocal, more (early) Stereolab than Beach House, drifts among the part-organ, part-ambient-Eno synths. The decade skipping references drawn together, as above, into a compact unit of sub-4-minute sublime pop.

Echo Lake – In Dreams


Of interest to our London based readers, 20JFG obsession Black Devil Disco Club journey to the dark heart of Kings Cross to play The Big Chill House tonight.

and don’t forget our other dalliance with The Big Chill House next Saturday (with special secret guest)…