Give It To Me Raw

“For centuries, the Jemaa El Fna (Rendezvous of the Dead) has remained the stage for one of the most spectacular social forums on the planet. By day, this central square in the city of Marrakesh, one of Morocco’s great imperial cities, fosters a kaleidoscope of entertainment for its local inhabitants; storytellers, acrobats, magicians and snake charmers all create intriguing displays of bewitching spectacle. As the sun sets, the evening grows frantic with the pulse of the crowd. It is then that the night musicians set up. Free from the restrictions and expectations of light entertainment for a tourist crowd, these musicians manifest ecstatic performances that animate the audience and players alike

We step into the square so our spirits can mosh like water moshes as it slides down the walls of the maelstrom, like sand as it soars with the debris in the columns of wind which envelop the tornado, like the flames leaping in the bonfire that keeps the caravan safe, and in the eyes of the wolves that keep watch from the darkness outside, I shall give you raw, I shall give you raw.

All Subliminal Frequencies releases share the pure energy of music happening outside of business and fad,in doing that, they are raw. But not always as much as this, Essiniya, by Troupe Majidi and included in ‘Ecstatic Music of the Jeena El Fna is hardcore drum trepidation and snarling guitars rising and crashing in a psychedelic cycle, a loose loop which is a channel through which the mysteries of life learned and forgotten across generations spill into the now of this music being played, you shall taste the joy of knowing them for as long as you dance lost in the stampede of unhinged rhythms.

Troup Majidi- Essiniya

Oh, hello there Eric Copeland of Black Dice fame, how come you suddenly decided to deliver into our eager laps something which may be more concrete and down to earth than the synthesis of all the poppiest moments of your career until now? Something which sounds like a barnyard stomper for motown desperadoes, or the sort of thing that Beck would have produced if tru drone and fuzz weren’t forbidden by the credo of Scientology, and of mainstream music as released by global entertainment corporations?

Of course this is a rhetorical question, I suspect you don’t give a hoot about genres or the position of your music in the contested spectrum stretching from accessibility to esotericism, you do whatever you want, it is just that the pop genotype at the kernel of Black Dice’s mighty beast has this time manifested itself into a phenotype bound to produce some ruckus in discotheques of this galaxy, as well as others. Which is of course bonza by us.

Eric Copeland- Fun Dink Death

It is included in Eric’s new 7 in Post Present Medium.

20jazzfunkgreats shall be proudly DJing at the Brighton shows of fierce dub shriek trio Mi Ami. If you didn’t see them first time around, don’t miss out this one. And if you did, we know you’ll be there to witness Fela’s spirit invoked again, to be shredded in a ceremony of quasi-cannibalistic intensity. They are doing Brighton on Wednesday the 2nd of June at the Albert (facebook), and London on Thursday the 3rd at Barden’s Boudoir (facebook). Be there.

We will also be playing here after the Mi Ami show. Full night, and Free Pizza. Can’t lose.