Hounds of History

The Hounds of Tindalos leap across the angles connecting temporal dimensions lean and athirst. They truly are truculent beasts who have put a ghastly end to the career of many a chrononaut, yet they can be house-broken with a thick enough edition of the Great Race of Yith’s newspaper, and a powerful purpose. To kidnap from the avenues of history mythical musics is the sort of mission that these preternatural beasts instinctively understand, and abide.

Watch them now, as they begin the chase, jaws agape and frothing with poison, eyes of cruel obsidian zeroing on their prey over a hunting ground of decades, centuries or aeons which you glimpse for a heartbeat, any longer and the walls of your sanity would crumble. What follows isn’t pretty, powerful music is an elusive quarry, and one which lashes viciously when cornered.

Eventually the Hound returns, scarred, a peculiar hint of weaknesses in its trot, oft empty-clawed, other times with a mangled song hanging from its jaws, mutilated and bloody, warped by a maddening journey in a trajectory orthogonal to time. It is this frenzied butchering that reveals the kernel of magick which makes the spell of a song strong and immortal, herein lies the joy of this brutal exercise.

Our failure to report the activities of Fan Death, one of the best labels out there borders in the sinful. Let us begin to redress this situation by referring you to one of the coolest bands in their excellent rooster. They are the greatly named Puerto Rico Flowers (no website for them), who as you might know feature John Sharkey of Clockcleaner legend.

In their debut 7” we watched them roam a wilderness of devastation, snarling like a brooding Bauhaus beast blinded by synthetic acid. In their new single, ‘2’, they take on Neil Young’s ‘When Your Lonely Heart Breaks’ with dirgey zest, turning it into a rumbling bonfire of epic, icy despair burning in the trough of a dusty hell, over which hovers Sharkey crooning like a godless preacher, or Chris Isaak’s undead doppelgänger. All of this as the distortion muscles flex in slow motion, and the drum beats crash with the finality of romance massacred, burned, its ashes scattered to the wind.

Some say that it’s better to have loved and lost, than not loved. This depends on how much you lost.

Puerto Rico Flowers- When Your Lonely Heart Breaks (Neil Young Cover)

Get the 7” here.

Very few command awe like Kate Bush. With her, there’s always a feeling that, although she’s telling you- with her music, the way she moves like a tigress full of poetry, just that look in her eyes- more than you ever knew, and she’s telling you more than anyone else ever did, she’s still keeping a few esoteric aces up her sleeve, as a good seer should. That’s what she is, one of the truly enlightened.

As such, it surely must take some courage to approach her work in any other fashion than as an enthralled, ever so respectful listener/worshipper. Well, Aria Jalali aka Railcars has gone beyond that, and in a Kickstarted project has boldly decided to go and cover one of her masterpiece albums, ‘Hounds of Love’. This move might prove controversial (‘hush, don’t touch it, don’t touch it’). My take on it is:

‘If you are going to go for it, aim high. And aim different’

One surely couldn’t aim higher than ‘Hounds of Love’, or from what we hear in the demo of the title track which Aria just shared with us, more different.

Railcars- Hounds of Love (Kate Bush cover demo)

Where the original evoked a pursuit across enchanted woods sinking in the mist like a changeling Atlantida, Railcar’s cover is the thermal trail of an army of romantic ghosts stranded in the future soviet avenues of City 17, as captured by a legion of CCTV cameras and surveillance droids, grainy images embossed with a portentous blur of emotion, electricity flows and ebbs as they infiltrate the barren platforms of a factory where pistons keep pumping, unblinking robots soldiering.

A subtle change in air pressure, love still shines blinding in the Age of Industrial Reproduction, across black pillars of smoke.

Given the Lovecraftian thematic of this post, we couldn’t but give you a heads up in regards an exhibition which begins in New York this week:

A LOVE CRAFT: a group show of art inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft, and the themes of monsters, madness and mythos. On view from June 11th through July 26th, prepare to look beyond space and time and into vistas of a new reality…

Get more information here.