20JFG Podcast: LA Station Radar

We couldn’t but petition the wonderful people at LA Station Radar for a mixtape after a week listening to their last CD compilation on repeat. They kindly sent it our way a few days ago, and it is as great as we expected. Devastated wastelands populated by wolves that carry in their battlescarred fur the seed of pretty flowers to come, teenage pogo classicism, sick wave snottiness and the kind of slow we love- enjoy.

LA Station Radar 20JFG Mixtape

1 Head of wantastiguet (tape on open mouth)

2 Climax golden twin “does your mother know i’m there?”

3 Movietone “hydra”

4 Young marble giant “brand new life”

5 No more “suicide commando”

6 Fröhliche eiszeit “die welt lst Die mehrheit”

7 Eat skull “no intelligence”

8 Dredd foole and the bin “ghost rider”

9 James ferraro “memory theater 1”

10 Mystery track

11 Magazine “because you’re fright”

12 the wedding present “once more”

13 the homosexuals “prestel”

14 SE rogers “do me justice”

15 Woods “twisted tongue”

16 Flowers “after dark”

17 Freesha “gole”

They recently released Terror Birds’  ‘Shadow on the Walls’ in a  7” that you would be well advised to purchase here. The title track is a lovely insomnia fantasy synth oddity that we told you about here.

Terror Birds- Shadows on the Walls