Ultraglide in Neon

Copy’s Hard Dream, out soon in Audio Dregs sounds like several three-dimensional astral planes intersecting in a cube whose faces reflect visions of rapture for the readearship of das 20Jazzfunkgreats.

If you manipulate this glimmering artefact in your holo-deck, you will hear Faberge bleep music devised by that doppelganger of Wendy Carlos that was raised in the school of Soma knocks, the soundtrack for Tour de France as ran in a behemoth IBM mainframe (super-pixelated dots racing across geographical schemata), crunk for M.I.T. postgrad students and hair metal to head bang to at NASA’s Aerodynamics department away-day. Even hallucinations of a Halo mod where every hit of the gravity hammer sows the seeds of a fractal tree growing at hyper-accelerated speeds to connect galaxies, thus making spaceflight obsolete… it is happening soon.

And it surely is something.

Copy- Something

Former Ghosts Fleurs’ collected snapshots of the aftermath of a romantic holocaust brought about by Skynet’s existential spawn, degraded into sepia and subtly overlaid onto your perceptual system before it all happens. As such, it was one of last year’s best albums.

Upset the Rhythm have kindly shared with us a promotional device containing ‘New Love’, their new album which shall be released on November the 9th, and it is once again great, updating the timeless angst of the cold wave diaspora without resorting to its conventional tropes. Instead they salvage the construction site whence Magnetic Fields (and even the Postal Service) sourced the materials for their electropop escapades, and use them to build an equivocal edifice, depending on the angle you look from it will resemble a factory, a cathedral or a Panorama-style discotheque (admittedly, a cathedral of sorts).

Like the House of Leaves, it’s measurements don’t add up, perhaps because the available instruments stop operating when certain configurations of  pitch and melody coincide, opening a escape hatch into limbo. This is where Former Ghosts soar, in the eye of a polar hurricane of longing and regret, like an ethereal, emaciated shadow of Cold Cave’s soul cyborg.

Former Ghosts- New Orleans

We shall be sharing with you other nutritious morsels from UTR’s menu of future goodness in the coming weeks.