Blood Diamonds AZ Co-Op (Split Screen)

The laws of symmetry demand that the cyborg voodoo ecosystems portrayed in Count Zero be balanced by a luminous counterpart of techno-enhanced nature, but nature nevertheless. The reciprocal of devious digital loa riding surgically enhanced child prodigies in a road trip up the Eastern seaboard is a jungle of blinding green where Earth’s juices infiltrate the neural networks of sleek surveillance drones, and send them soaring into the sky, above vertiginous cliffs and over saturated blue oceans. Think BBC Life pumped on neon, narrated by Gang Gang Dance’s Lizzi Bougatsos and soundtracked by Pictureplane, surfing a natural high of Point Break scale.

Blood Diamonds- Heart

This premiere from Blood Diamonds’ ‘Pop Manifesto’ was delivered as part of a co-operative venture with Altered Zones.