Blue Mamba

Hello, my name is Dutch Dark, and before joining the 20Jazzfunkgreats cabal for the retrieval of esoteric artefacts I was a deep scuba diver with an outfit so secret I had its name erased from my memory when I was discharged for being too much of a maverick. What I did there is nothing compared to the sort of missions that those 20jazzfunkgreats miscreants send me on. I am typing this from the cabin of a Huey helicopter above the canopy of the Central American jungle, as we approach the mythical Twin Pyramids of Quetzalcoatl, which according to certain files in the Private Collection of the British Library host a crystal skull of such power that whichever blog appropriates it will forever enjoy access to exclusive tracks from the hottest bands of the future, as sang with tremulous voice by the selfsame skull. Also according to those files, the Twin Pyramids are protected by dangerous traps and feathered snake mermaids whose hourglass-shaped irises can mesmerise the strongest willed mercenary. But I’ve got bronco team with me, armed with gauss rifles, chainsaw bayonettes and Martian pepper grenades. We’ve got a job to do and we’ll do it right- the fate of the psyche boho conspiracy rests in our calloused, tattooed hands.

Space System’s Jakartan astro-funk connection keeps pumping the veins of the corrupt 20jazzfunkgreats construct with invigorating salves, this time mediated by the loving soul nurses at Optimo Music. Sorrow Show, to be released in mid-November, includes the title track, Petik and ace remixes by culture hero J.D. Twitch as well as King of Town, which we are sharing with you today. The original is an archaic container full of memorabilia from an imaginary museum that we roam in childish delight at the height of our novocaine dreams: leather gloves enveloping a fistful of reconstructed no wave fire, analogue flights of de Vorzonian fancy embossed in the back of a street gang denim jacket, snapshots of the gruesome scars produced by a collection of serrated blades donated by the deft dollmaker who runs the infamous Theatre of Pain in a hidden recess of the Florentine catacombs. Every full moon.

King of Town simply takes it to the Dancefloor Of The Dead, just the way we like it.

Space System- Sorrow Show (King of Town Remix)

Cleckhuddersfax forthcoming album, ‘Spen Beck’, out soon in Upset the Rhythm is taking us places like some rebel airline joining the dots of a global network of sites of magic and mystery- Himalayan temples whence the Mi Go dwell, worm holes in the cranium of the giant cat buried under Egyptian sands (only two ears protruding for the tourists to visit), the abandoned city of Isis and the forgotten Kaddath. Scenarios for adventurous raiding, perhaps Drake’s Uncharted as soundtracked by Sun City Girls instead of another John Williams rip-off artiste. With their cryptic imaginery they remind us of the Residents or Butthole Surfers if they read Lord Dunsany instead of 1970s underground comixxx, their off kilter song structures and positive energy aligns them with other weirdo pop explorers such as Need New Body (what happened to them?) or Cardiacs- illuminated jesters in an oft-drab indie kingdom.

A Decree is a chromatic skank across lush Celtic fields built with the spirit with which the old tribes erected their monoliths, lightning rods for a zenta spiderweb of distortion projected by a long forgotten God of mischievous eyes and unruly beard- think Oneida, but in the springtime.

Cleckhuddersfax- A Decree