Revue de Guitare Moderne

Some things I picked up on the way out of the venue.

A mighty wind blew opened the windows of our house on a gloomy Sunday morning of crammed ashtrays, a crammed sink, no unwatched VHS tapes and many a pizza box to jettison. Crouched from the sofa we stared into the pale outside from which a ferocious avian eye stared back, for an eagle of preternatural proportions had descended upon our house, the flapping of powerful wings sending a storm of ashes into the air, yellowed newspapers and photographies capturing memories of better times. With the wind came the scent of vast landscapes, and the purifying rumble of a white wall of electrified noise, bassy oscillations indicating a change of soul pressure ascending towards positive heights.

This eagle came from the mythical land of the free where good vibes are born.

Brain Idea- Getting Older (The Clean Cover Version)

Brain Idea’s Survival Scrolls is out on Permanent Records. We heard it first at Art for Spastics.

It was with infinite regret that we missed Gun Outfit’s Sex is Disgusting show on Friday. Alas, life in the trenches of the big smoke does take its toll on the energies of your honourable 20jazzfunkgreats scribes, plus virgins that could be sacrificed in exchange for that extra dose of pizzazz that would undoubtedly have taken us over the curve of decreasing returns just before the weekend break are hard to come by these over-sexualised days. So we will have to content ourselves with listening to them in their wonderful Dim Light record, and imagine what the show was like.

Say, uplifting like that radiant vortex to which the guitars of Television where compared to in Daydream Nation’s liner notes, gently propulsive like The Beat Happening on a snotty reverie, running with trepidation like Stephen Malkmus on the way home after scoring an original edition of Crazy Rhythms. Like a walk through jangly heaven.

Gun Outfit- Guilt and Regret.

Merticane is the soundtrack for a skate video where every broken ankle sprays phosphorescent goo rather than blood and splintered bones, and flowers of impossible colours sprout on the wake of each vertiginous grind, like an urban renaissance version of Okami’s errands across enchanted Japan. The juvenile pranks so common in the transitions between set pieces are replaced by DIY rituals of childish intensity involving dolls and knives. Its effects are like that forsaken video in Ring-O if you replace death with joy.

Kit- Merticane

Merticane is included in Kit’s new album, ‘Invocation’, out on Upset the Rhythm. Where else?