Notes concerning Electromagnetic

Featuring : Standard Planets

Deep space throb and Dark Star static duel with a vaguely menacing Lynchian guitar line draped in reverb and dread.  Some sort of cataclysmic Akira explosion – all blue light and vacuum silence – breaks the plunge into the void before the rush of drums doubly deep reemerge.    Brief moments of piano calm descend with the Industrial monster under the dank Maine church floorboards – the narrator of all this, bridges the worlds as bricks are torn from the walls with vintage Vitalic-like low end snarl.  Tropes from big room house are deployed and toyed with: the synthetic build twisted in a warehouse sacrifice – the blood of the early 90s still wet on the walls.

All this in but a few minutes.  Space is loud and colourful and will happily eat you.

Standard Planets – Electromagnetic

Standard Planets encompass Brighton’s Ben and London’s Ewan and Robert who’s Cursor Minor –  The Sport of Kings having featured in one of the earliest 20JFG posts from 2004 (when we posted on Sundays!).  There’s an album behind all this that’s looking for a loving home if any of you kindly label running types fancy it.