Abandon grey all who enter here

The chasers of the secret lore are a shady tribe who collect analogue relics from a bygone era, align their intricate switches in certain configurations like a gilded key into invisible lock to open the gates of humanity’s dream-state to all sorts of wonderful reveries and visitations. Food Pyramid are part of the crew, the ones who like to party in ways which may seem odd to you, wait until their music washes over your underdeveloped pineal gland to compress a few aeons of psychic evolution into 45 minutes of your Terran time.

By the time the processing is over you will embrace the obvious revelation: this is the definition of banging.

Food Pyramid- Mind Melter

Mind Melter is a squadron of sentient drills of avian design pumping feverishly in a brutally contrasted desert, not out but in, not oil but colour. If ye good ole motorique Deerhunter (think Octet) had ever done a collab with Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O., it would have sounded like this. You can find it in their second release for Moon Glyph.