Gatekeeper Video Premier Day 1 – Serpent

This week 20JFG is suitably honored to unveil to you five tales most chilling. Gatekeeper, those darkest overlords of surrealist EBM have conspired with Thunder Horse Video on a mind-bending video anthology, which accompanies their new EP ‘Giza’. Due to extreme gore content and dimensional rippage, the only place deemed suitable to unveil these dangerously awesome Ekphrasies, was on wretched underground snuff-film site ’20 Jazz Funk Greats’.

And so it is. Look in the mirror, say Gatekeeper 5 times. The only valid boarding pass on this voyage is your soul, so please have them open and ready. Now you are able to journey the chasm of fear that is the Gatekeeper Video Premier week on 20JFG. First stop on this advent calender of destruction is ‘Serpent’.

Serpent is a soundwave created by group of other-dimensional mystics, immaculately designed to paralyse unexplored areas of the human psyche with fear and delight. Upon launch from the wave playback device, it will burrow its way down to the spinal column, where it will take control of the human body by injecting the Front 242 serum directly into the nervous system. The subject will contort wildly in dancefloor context, whilst experiencing disturbing visions of scenes from large-boxed VHS horror films which were never made. This EP is literally a killer.

Gatekeeper – Serpent

The Giza EP is out this week on Merok, a VHS of all the videos is available on Hippos in Tanks. Keep it tuned to 20JFG for the others…..