Gatekeeper Video Premier Day 3 – Mirage

Deep in the eye of the swirling bloodstorm, it’s day 3 of the Gatekeeper video unsheathing. ‘Mirage’ is ‘X-Mix 3 – Enter Digital Reality’ as re-shaped by the peyote-fueled visions of the cleric in a tribe of psychic desert beings. It’s soundtrack an environmental catastrophe where the Na’vi’s homeland is nuked by the remorseless machinery of the Nitzer Ebb alliance. In addition to Thunder Horse, this video was created in collaboration with the Lenox Brothers , a pair of brilliant twins from chicago who created many of the animations.

As you well know, 20JFG ain’t about no rabid hyperbolical statements. Hysterical maybe, but never rabid. And with that in mind, with the traditional hyperbole disclaimer in place, from the bottom of the chamber where our hearts should’ve been, we feel safe to tell you that Vision Air should be absolutely massive.

Vision Air – Totem

Massive in the sense of a celestial being, too large to be comprehended by mortal beings. Massive in the sense of our galaxy being one particle in a large hadron collider. Anyone who knocks around with 20JFG faves I am the Cosmos was likely to be worth several listens themselves, and we weren’t disappointed. Vision Air make the kind of high-grade electronic music that nineties Warp would sign, before they went missing in Maximo Park*.

We are sending in a search party cuz ‘Totem’ is an epic light-headed cruise across the upper registers of the emerald land, where we drift atop a gaseous carpet of microscopic sapphires into a cloud of static-electric bliss, and in our humble opinion it’s right up there with the Autechres and Clarks of this world.

Totem is taken from the Autumn EP which is available free from their soundcloud.

*cheap gag – we are of course loving the Rusties and Mohawkes of these days.


Also a casual reminder that some of 20JFG will appear in three dimensions in a Soju bar in Berlin for a few short hours this Thursday. Brought to you in association with Ree-A.L.T. Holograph devices and featuring the unrivaled musical knowledge of the Mo Probs.