Gatekeeper Video Premier Day 4 – Giza

Gatekeeper day 4 marks a return to the bloodbath most grizzly. This one is most definitely not suitable for work, small children, vampophobes or hemophiliacs. If you are from New Line Cinema and you are watching this, rest assured that the original footage was taken from a movie called ‘Sword’ starring Wallsey Snips as a teenage slayer ridding his high school of a Vampire conspiracy, led by Christopher Lee as the Demon Headmaster. Enjoy!

Whilst on the subject of untimely demise, we would like to pay our respects today to the brothers Troutman, via this lamentable jam taken from a forthcoming Mahjonng/Chandeliers split on Captcha records.

Chandeliers – Whip the Gift

A cut from the lost Zapp album that was produced by Chris Carter, ‘Whip the Gift’ is ethereal, mournful robo-soul at its ghost-in-the-shell finest. A tragic tale of 2 brothers – one a flamboyant, sequined trouser wearing Talkbox virtuoso, the other a brooding power electronics-improv nerd, the fission of their creative differences impacted many fine works, until the day they fell out of balance and went into a Chernobylian meltdown. Recorded the day before the elder brother’s untimely demise caused by some suspiciously faulty wiring in his Korg VC-10, it is surely a beauteous thing indeed. But it is not all machine-grievance, the Chandeliers part of the EP also contains the guaranteed boogie-splice euphoria of ‘Sugarscoop’ – which is not leaving 20JFG’s bone encrusted DJ box for the forseeable future.

Upon the flipside, Mahjonng are also taking it there, maneuvering their Trans Am into a parking space once populated by Grabba Grabba Tape. We leave you today with the video for Running On Air. Mahjonng and Chandeliers ‘Roule’ EP is out on the 25th of next month on Captcha records.