Step Inside the Endless House (part 2)

Lordy have we got some serious incrediblenesss coming up for you over the next few weeks. Prepare thyselves – for 2011 already manifests itself as a phosphorescent conveyor belt into the celestial furnace of eternal listening pleasure.

Regular readers may remember 20JFG’s brief handover to the Endless House Foundation at the end of last year. They regaled us with fictional real-life tales of the Endless House, Europe’s most decadent and maniacal avant-garde night-spot. We of course lapped this up like vampyric kittens at a saucer of blood, and so are very pleased to welcome them back again. Digging up for us this time some exclusive and previously unheard material by the House’s ‘cybernetic showman’ – Jiri Kantor.

Underneath the preposterous stage entrances and circus posturing, it seems, Felix Uran was Jiri Kantor’s puppet-in-chief. Rasmus Folk’s Coupe’ may have been the audience-driven anthem of the Endless House, but – in Kantor’s mind at least – Baltic Expo was the project’s most chrystalline musical expression.

Felix Uran – Baltic Expo

“Baltic Expo” – A track entrenched in both Endless House’s ideology – i.e. the promotion of Central European culture + entertainment – and its aesthetic ‘values’ – i.e. an obsession with Cold War technological one-upmanship, the Kitchen wars etc. Amidst the clipped Kraftwerkian tones, Uran implores onlookers to “come join our pavilion” (presumably a play on Endless House itself) while singing of “Nylon Lies… for Bosch and Pepsi Co Oh”.

Felix Uran – Masprojekt (on earth)

Masprojekt (On earth)- Uran at his most laidback, constructing a haunting groove around a simple melodic phrase reminiscent of his (reported) close friends, Ralf and Florian. Usual Uran/Endless House thematics of beauty vs truth etc…Uran sees himself as a Fellini style “Beautiful Liar”

Felix Uran – Masprojekt (to the stars)

Masprojekt (To The Stars) – Blistering tone mountain of Arp Odysseys running through guitar amplifiers. Uran then feeds live drumming through a super-charged Moog Filter to add to the impact.

The Endless House compilation pack on Dramatic Records will soon be available from reputable online store Boomkat, on the 26th of this very month.