20JFG FanFiction: Preston G. Parallax (part 2)

Featuring : Gel Set

*continued from previous post…….Jeff Bridges worked long and hard as the head programmer of Mackrelsaft, the technology company that he had written as part of his job as a computer programmer in the real world. For 20 long years had Jeff Bridges now lived in the Game Grid of his own creation, becoming evermore powerful via his new creation ‘Vandross'(R) – the operating system within an operating system.

Mackrelsaft Vandross had made him a millionaire several times over. He now lived in a huge, decadent mansion on the outskirts of town where he would spend many crazy weekends partying with his friends Tron, RAM and a Computer Simulation of Jeff Bridges. One day, after the filming of  MTV Cribs in his luxury pad was over and the film crew had gone home, Jeff Bridges had an uninvited guest.

A man stood before him in his mirrored bedroom, he was a thoughtful looking chap dressed in a full length leather coat and a pair of sunglasses that just barely covered his eyes. Jeff Bridges was afraid. “Wh-wh-who are you?” he said. “I am Lawrence Fishburn” said the mysterious stranger. Purposefully, he held out his hand to reveal 2 pills, one red one blue. “W-w-what are those?” said Jeff Bridges. Lawrence Fishburn spoke “This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.”

“But I don’t understand?” Jeff Bridges did not understand. Lawrence Fishburn looked wise for a moment then began to elaborate “Look mate, The Grid is a computer simulation designed to enslave the human race, it is not real, it is just an illusion designed to keep your mind occupied whilst your body is being used as a power cell by ‘the man'” he paused “right now your real world body is sitting in an office block in Reading, coding an exceptionally dull piece of anti-virus software” “The Grid only wants you to think that you’re the greatest computer programmer the world has ever known, so you continue to do your job, day in, day out”

“Wow” said Jeff Bridges. Always curious, he picked up the red pill and swallowed it. He awoke on top of his desk in an office in Reading, Barkshire. Lawrence Fishburn was right! He looked at his hands, they weren’t neon anymore. The piece of anti-virus software he was working on was even more dull than described. An even greater spark of ecstasy washed over him like a truck load of Macbook Pros in a swimming pool.

“Imagine the possibilites!” Jeff Bridges thought to himself.


To this day, Demos are always a treat and the thing we get out of bed for. Especially when they’ve got that them there Chicago postmark on em…..

Gel Set – U-lock In My Hand

Sad to say, not even one sub-quartier of the 20 Jazz Funk Greats mechanism has actually visited the windiest city, certainly not the rougher part of its liniage so we cannot elaborate upon the subject matter of U-lock In My Hand. We don’t know very much about Gel Set either, only that she’s a vision a gun toting, mace wielding armour-clad High Places patrolling the ghettos of ethereal indie pop with the scarred grimace of Snake Plisken. U-lock In My Hand is going straight on 20JFG’s personal mp3 playback device to give us comfort in those moments where we find ourselves lost and alone in the ghettos of Unknown Kadath (where 20JFG obviously lives).

This is a demo, you can listen to more on the Myspace right here.

Plus, any mans in Berlin tonight should come down and support the Heartbeat night featuring Miracles Club, JD Twitch and Mueran Humanos to top a stunning bill. Underwritten by 20JFG’s mysterious layer 4 authorship entity Prescott F Halifax and live visuals by Alison Childs. A portion of the door is going to DMBQ/Boredoms Japan relief fund. Plus if you want to do something else to help Japan in a music loverish manner, then we wholeheartedly recommend purchasing the smashing International Feel All-Stars track from the Soul Aid project available here.