20JFG Podcast: Hatchback

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The soundtrack to an infomercial pushing time shares on distant worlds and the narcotics needed to get you there.  Hatchback string together a mix for the existential delights that await Deckard and Rachael once the lift doors close.  A dance through a gouraud shaded vision of the future dreamt up in a prog haze by NASA’s crack team of Balearic artisans.

Of alternatively, we can just look to Hatchback’s title:
“red rainbows: poems by scientists”


rainflower – jade warrior
format & journey north – oneohtrix point never
ceres motion – mother mallard’s portable masterpiece company
grandioso – jd emmanuel
klangkörper – michael rother
four ever rainbow (part 3 alt mix) – steve hillage
rainbow canyon – iasos
amor real – global communication vs. jon anderson
universal avenue – double fantasy
serengeti – peter seiler
surrounding seas – jean-pierre decerf
le voyage – the alps
Racconti brevi: Lo specchio di Galadriel – arturo stalteri
esashi – haruomi hosono
borne on the solar wind – jade warrior

Hatchback – Red Rainbows: Poems by Scientists

Hatchback‘s new album Zeus & Apollo comes out on the 4th April on Lo Recordings.