20jazzfunkgreats podcast: Gatto Fritto

Featuring : Gatto Fritto + Podcast

20jazzfunkgreats and Gatto Fritto go waaaaay back, as in 2008, when we first featured him via the triumphant psychedelic explosion that was Bursting the Bubble, one unimpeachable hit that always accompanies your trusty jazzfunk banditos in their disco excursions (it’s utterly unreal that there are still copies going at Juno, seriously, sort it out least we give up in despair).

Well, fast forward from the Michael Mann spiked streets of Miami Vice to Anno Domini 2011, when in a total synthesis of love and ecstasy, it is none other than Uruguay’s finest, International Feel, who happen to release Gatto’s long awaited debut.

To celebrate this joyous happening (realised on Monday the 18th), we are kicking off Gatto Mucho Fabuloso week today with a silky smooth mix that Mr. Fritto has specially prepared for this humble blog, we are sure it will animate many a lysergic cycle in sweaty and warm pacific hammocks across the sunkissed limbo of which Gatto is the master, and you puny yet satisfied slaves. In addition to this, and as if it wasn’t enough, all over the coming week we will be featuring, every day, a handpicked tune from his (surely mouthwatering) vault. Killed by pleasure, not a bad way to go mate.

Gatto Fritto 20JFG Mixtape