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(Image by Viktor Pivovarov detected at 50 Watts)

The mixtape awaiting for you at the end of this merciful handful of lines was arranged by our beloved Mueran Humanos, it unsettles like a collage of the eeriest mysteries and aberrations off Arthur C. Clarke’s Mysterious World stitched upon the morphing walls of the corridor through which his astronaut transitions into starchild, or like a collection of sounds found via a random walk across the radio-waves of the demon-razed Earth that Hope Hodgson described in The Night Land.

What a beautiful abyss!!


  1. The sound of Saturn rings as recorded by Cassini spacecraft. From NASA website (2005)
  2. Sand: Sarah (part I). From “Golem” (1974)
  3. Igor Wakhevitch: Eau Ardente. From “Docteur Faust” (1971)
  4. Huun Huur Tu: Prayer. From “The Orphan’s Lament” (1994)
  5. Pino Donaggio: Bucket of Blood. From “Carrie” soundtrack (1976)
  6. Silver Apples: I Dont Know. From “Gremlins” (2008)
  7. John Carpenter: Halloween Theme. From “Halloween” soundtrack (1983)
  8. Travesti: Juventud Residual. From “Axito” (2003)
  9. Ilich: Ell Voulait que Je Sois Drôle. From “Ten Suicides” (1980)
  10. Revolutionary Corps of Teenage Jesus feat. Alan Vega: Daddy Died. From “Daddy Died: A Brooklyn Nightmare” (1999)
  11. La Neu!: Blue. From “Blue (La Dusserldorf 5)” (1999)
  12. Chrome: In a Dream. From “Inworlds” (1981)
  13. Mujercitas Terror: Actriz. From “Mujercitas Terror” (2007)
  14. RTX: western xterminator. From “Western Xterminator” (2007)

Mueran Humanos Mixtape

We hear there still are a few vinyl copies of their self-titled debut available from Blind Prophet. Sort it out.