Belbury Youth Club At The Outer Church

Today we are rather excited to turn the posting duties over to our compatriots The Outer Church, Moon Wiring Club & Pye Corner Audio.

The Outer Church

The Outer Church was founded in 1975 and lay dormant until circumstances conspired to make its manifestation a necessity. During the early winter of 2009 it became abundantly clear that a space for the uncanny had to be prised open, a portal located on an unkempt verge some distance off the (badly) beaten track.

Alliances were swiftly formed with artists whose relationship to consensus reality can be compared to the turbulent yet erotically charged bond between Uri Gellar and his long-suffering cutlery. These allies include Mordant Music, Position Normal, Jonny Mugwump, Moon Wiring Club, Ekoplekz, The Haxan Cloak, Hong Kong In The 60s, Alexander Tucker, Raime, The Larsen Effect, Kemper Norton and Jade Boyd.

The April 14th edition of The Outer Church is presented in association with Jim Jupp and Julian House of Ghost Box and will feature live performances from Moon Wiring Club and Pye Corner Audio. The former proponent of “confusing English electronic music” has been known to drive sensitive listeners ‘doolally’ with his blend of somnambulant beats and ectoplasmic samples. The latter project – presided over by the mysterious Head Technician – is dedicated to extracting evanescent tones from found tape reels and presenting the findings to an unprepared public.

Moon Wiring Club

It is rather gloomy within the old house. Every room seems to be the wrong shape and full of peculiar carvings.The atmosphere is quite stuffy, with the distinctive, cloying aroma of burnt treacle.

In the corner of the billiard room is a large antique dresser. Slowly dancing upon this are an odd puppet-creature with an unsuitable animal face and a strange purple bird. You are not completely surprised when they both break into a smile and notion at you to sit in one of their dusty armchairs.

Unwrapping a boiled sweet you politely refuse, only too aware that these curiously cavorting creatures are after your teatime invitation card.

After a few moments have passed, the puppet-creature breaks off from his routine, whips out an enormous sandwich from his satchel, and shimmies forward. Somewhat taken aback, you must act quickly or risk spoiling your tea.

Do you have a distracting periodical?

If you have this item, turn to 328.
If you do not, turn to stone.

Moon Wiring Club – Kindly Cavort

Pye Corner Audio

Pye Corner Audio – Recrypt

The Head Technician at Pye Corner Audio Transcription Services also picked out a song he though readers would enjoy.

As everybody knows, we celebrate noise, hisss, hum and buzz.  The sounds not usually deemed fit for human consumption.

We take nourishment from the decayed delays and twanged springs of ancient equipment.  So therefore, we like THIS:

Belong – Keep Still

Ghost Box

While the vicar himself was unavailable for comment at time of publication we recommend you head over to The Belbury Parish Magazine and listen to his recent Spring Rites programme featuring delights ranging from Denton & Cook to The Rattles.

The Rattles – The Witch

Belbury Youth Club At The Outer Church

Thursday 14th April, 7.30pm – 12.00 midnight.

An evening of anomalous audiovisual entertainment with special live guests :

  • Moon Wiring Club
  • Pye Corner Audio
  • Ghost Box DJs Jim Jupp & Julian House
  • Plus a selection of arcane televisual artefacts, vintage Public Information Films and a screening of Julian House’s short film Winter Sun Wavelength.


End transmission.